Should i send my brand new bag for a repair?

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  1. I contact my SA regarding the dye coming off from the leather strap of my one month old bag, and she told me i can bring it in to replace the strap but i have to wait for 2-3 months, i kinda nervous about sending the bag for basically brand new bag that i just used once. My question is that acceptable that can only repair it than replace it? Am I asking too much if i want a replacement after a month that i purchased it? Need advice.
  2. I would just get it over with and send it in for repair although it sucks.

    To them, it makes more sense to repair it rather than replacing it. However I also understand that you would just want to skip the waiting process.

    What is it that makes you nervous about it? Did you lose faith in your model and fear that it will happen again?
  3. Its about the bad story about the chanel repair, and more of the fact that is brand new to be repaired,I didn’t enjoy yet using it but needs to repair already
  4. I would ask for a replacement if possible.
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  5. I would ask for a replacement of a "defective" item ASAP. The leather strap's dye of a one month old bag should not be coming off like that.
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  6. Update: i went to the chanel store and ask if they can replace the bag and the store manager told me that there is no perfect chanel bag, there’s always flaw and some glue residue because its handmade, and they can’t replace it or exchange it because its more than a month since i purchased it, they only offer me to repair the bag which not really what i want, its so disappointing and kind of annoying,to think i got some few bag just this year,for the treatment i recieved today.
  7. This is some pictures of the leather strap

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  8. I am so sorry to hear about this. The same thing happened to me with a three month old purchase: a 19k light grey shiny caviar bucket bag. The leather started changing color around the whole chain. It’s obviously not a good design since I barely used it five times. I sent it in to be repaired and will let you know what happens.

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  9. Wow that looks pretty bad for a month.

    The thing is that while they might repair it, it will probably happen again. Can't you return it for in store credit?

    Truth to be told, the response you got is unacceptable. I feel for you. I had this kind of customer service with a different brand and it just sucks.
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  10. This is horrific- it looks like that bag is 30 years old and wellllllllll loved- Chanel should be ashamed.
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