Should I Sell???

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  1. Sad to say..but lately I got pretty bored of some of my bags...:sad: :sad:
    I was thinking about selling my chocolate paddy, or my chocolate silverado???? Part of me love them, but part of me has no feeling to carry them. They're both fairly new, like the silverado i've carried twice... but i think it's too small. And the paddy i have two other paddys and been carrying paddy's for over a year and a half......just bored. i just want another new bag!!!!!!!!! helllllllllllppppppppp.

    If i do try to sell my bags where can i sell them?
    thanks for any suggestions.yaayo

    u can see my bags under bag yaayo
  2. [​IMG]here they are from showcase.
  3. Everytime soneone in her says they want to sell there Paddington....I just scream Sell to me, I´ll pay anything!!!

    But, I would say don´t sell it all at once. You might regret it...I would also say if you really feel that you have no "feelings" for them, you should sell and maybe buy a new bag you have been wanting ore thought about..
    But, I would keep atleast one Paddy, you never know..

  4. I say sell one of your paddingtons. You probably got bored from paddy-overload. Keep the spy though!
  5. I would wait to sell. Go out and buy yourself a new bag something cheerful for the spring. Bags are like children sometimes you want space from them but in the end you always love that there with you.
  6. If the silverado is too small for you sell it. I also agree with Irissy you may want to sell a paddy too I know I would have paddy overload.
  7. YESSS--SELL. If the Silverado is too small and you're not carrying it. You'll probably feel more relief when it's gone. And it looks like 3 paddy's... That might be a little overload--might want to consider selling the chocolate one. It looks like the chocolate paddy is similar in color to your Spy.

    If you sold the chocolate paddy and the silverado, you'd have room and some $$ for a "new" color and purse. I went through this phase of looking for the "perfect" black every day purse... Now I have three black purses, only one of which I really use... So the other two are going on Ebay--if I can get my bro to do the post since I'm clueless in that department :shame:
  8. Posting on ebay is easy just take some great pic's with your camera and follow their instructions. You are able to preview your listing before you finalize anything. Good Luck! Let us know how you make out.