Should I sell?

  1. Not sure how I feel about this bag anymore...
  2. If your not feeling it anymore..then sell it and get something more exciting from the burberry line..or something from your wishlist :tup:
  3. If it's a new bag and you don't like it anymore, put it in its dustbag and wait a couple of weeks to see whether you fall in love with it again. If not - sell it!
    if it's not a new bag - sell it at once and invest the money in another bag you like.
    Regina :smile:
  4. erm i'm frm singapore was wondering where you people get ya burberry stuff cause i see the price in www. its quite reasonable but when i go down to the boutique in singapore they kinna double charge the thing hence a polo tee which cause 130 USD was sold in the boutique for 430 SGD but the exchange rate from USD to SGD is only 1.4 which means the polo tee price should lie around 200 plus SGD
  5. Please post your question in the general Burberry forum. Thank you and welcome!
  6. Just a gentle reminder for everyone that buying and selling on tPF is NOT permitted and is a bannable offense.

    If you don't like the bag anymore, then you should sell it and get something that you do want. I change my bags like I change underwear! lol
  7. I was not trying to sell my bag here. I was looking for opinions on it's appeal.

    It sold quickly on eBay.

    Your comment came across as reprimanding. I am aware of TPFs policies regarding sales.
  8. I am sorry you feel that way as it was not intended that way :nogood:

    Glad to hear that it sold quickly, it's a nice bag :yes:
  9. Sell it, esp. if you don't use it anymore! I just sold 3 bags, 1 wallet and a flat case to my cousin. I was glad she wanted to buy them all because I didn't want to go through eBay. I wasn't sure if I would get what I wanted for them.
  10. If you don't envision yourself using it, I vote to sell it and use the money to fund a new bag :yes: