Should I sell?

  1. Should I sell a brand new LV white multicolor french purse to fund a pomme or framboise french purse? :confused1: Since the white multicolor french purse is not a limited edition, I will probably lose approx $200 US if I am to sell it on eBay. (I bought mine retail)? That's a lot of money to lose. It's not like I can't stand the white multicolor french purse....I never get a chance to use it because I am worry that it is going to get dirty. What do you think? I also like the vernis french purse, but I can't afford 2 french purse for now. Please give me your opinion!
  2. I would keep it no point in loosing money just to buy another french purse. I have the MC white french purse and use it everyday. I have had mine for about 2 years and it still looks great. The only part that looks really used, is the coin section. This is a gorgeous LV item, I think you should use it. After taking it out a few times you won't feel so concerned about it getting dirty.
  3. I would keep the MC French purse... I like MC over Vernis.
  4. Thanks! That's good to hear! :yes: Does the leather on the outside of the french purse get stain easily with daily use? I did some searches on eBay & found used white MC french purse & they look disgusting. :wtf: Did your french purse get patina yet? (I am wondering since it's always being keep inside a handbag) Thanks!
  5. I would go for the Vernis in Pomme! Sell it if you are not happy with it..
  6. Same here! :yes:
  7. I like both style but if you are not into your MC anymore, get the vernis.
  8. Tough decision. If you love the MC, but worry about it getting dirty, maybe you should keep it. But, if you're sure it's not going to be used. Hang on to it and sell it later.
  9. I agree!
  10. I would keep it. Thats too much money to just loose.
  11. I would keep it.
    I don't have french purse but I have MC white PTI that I've been using
    almost everyday for 2yrs..and it's in great shape.
    it doesn't get dirty easily..and when it does, I just use facial cleansing sheets(similar to baby wipes) or soft damp cloth to wipe dirts wonders
  12. Thanks..bacchusgirl!! That's good to hear.

    Thanks everyone! I will keep it & start using it tonight. :yes: I hate to lose approx $200 US on the wallet.
  13. And if the white MC worries you, I think vernis would worry you too.
  14. I would keep it.
  15. I would keep the MC and use it. So long as you aren't rough with it, should be fine. I bash my poor MC wapity around and it still looks white, have one bit of rub off on the bottom but that is my own fault for letting my keys scratch it.:sad: