Should I sell to someone with PRIVATE fb from Europe?

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  1. I currently have a LV wallet listed with best offer now. This person submitted me a decent offer, as much as I need to sell the wallet, for some reason I am not comfortable of selling to someone with PRIVATE feedback but listed having 6 negative fb, and also from Germany. I have been reading alot that sellers don't ship to certain countries. I was wondering if Germany is one of them. Can anyone tell me why there are restrictions to certain countries? Would you sell to someone with private feedbacks.

    I emailed this person that I would love to accept her offer only if they pay by money wiring. I think Paypal is too risky in this situation. What do you guys think?
  2. The answer is, no, absolutely not. I would just move on.

    Good luck with your sale.
  3. I would only do it fi they paid via wire transfer.

    Otherwise, no way!

    I don't accept Paypal outside of US, UK and Canada. If someone outside of those 3 want my bag, they have to pay via wire, no ifs, ands or buts.

    Just not worth the risk.
  4. Don't touch this, it will only cause you grief. Run away as fast as possible.
  5. There's a reason why this person has their feedback set as private. I would not do business with them.