Should i sell to her

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  1. I have a bag for sale on ebay and so far people have been using the best offer button at their leisure, bidding anywhere from 300-500 below my asking price. Finally someone is willing to pay what I'm asking but she can't bit because she has two strikes against her for unpaid item claims. I asked her why she has it and she says, because 1) she purchased an item via buy it now, but she thought she just placed it and her cart and wasnt obligated to purchase and 2) becaue she won an auction and the item was dark blue and not black and she missed that detail.

    I dont know, that raises red flags for me. Particularly since this is a used bags with flaws as described in both words and pictures. If she missed the details is she more prone to file a -snad?

    I honestly just want a smooth sailing transaction but on the otherhand, I really need the money. She has a 95% positive rating, and all others say she paid quickly, and they had a good transaction.

    Would you sell to her?
  2. Did you look at her feedback left for others? That's way more important than the generic fb sellers leave for buyers.

    I probably wouldn't want to sell to her. Sounds like a PITA waiting to happen.
  3. I don't think I would sell to her.
  4. This smells trouble. The reason she gave for item no. 1 is questionable. You don't just BIN thinking you put it in your cart. There are multiple screens to confirm your purchase.
  5. If you have to ask, the answer is usually no. You have to be patient to find the right buyer, it could take a few weeks or a month. I agree looking at the feedback she left for other sellers is helpful, but personally I wouldn't bother.

    You have to go with your instincts, the time you don't follow them is usually the time things go wrong. If you are in immediate need of cash, sell to Yoogis or other consignment shop for a stress-free process. I don't know where you live, but you could also try craigslist and sell it for cash, no worry of returns or chargebacks.
  6. Agreed.

  7. Agree here... I'd opt for another route as suggested here..
  8. Apparently people can't read because I've had this happen to me. He wrote a whole long apologetic paragraph so I agreed to cancel and not hassle with opening a case.

    OP she seems like a bit of a PITA and more likely to file a SNAD but if you are genuinely desperate (like, you have a bill due or something) then you could sell to her but just kindly point out the details about the item so she knows what she is getting. The black/blue thing could be down to her computer monitor but if it said it in the listing then there is no excuse.
  9. As an aside, when you set up you best offers, you may want to use the auto decline feature so you won't receive those lowball offers.
    As for the potential buyer, I would check to see if/what she is/has been bidding on and her feedback left. I don't know if I would sell to someone who has the 2 strikes.
  10. No, I wouldn't. People with unpaid strikes (plural) are repeaters, obviously, no matter their self-serving explanations. The one time I relented with a buyer like that, it didn't go well.
  11. I sell and buy on eBay (1200+ feedback) and in my experience, buyers like this are not worth the trouble. I have NEVER left a seller without paying. Your are not alone in selling to people who don't pay. I bought two LVs with Best Offer and told the sellers that I would actually pay them and they could be done listing and re-listing. They were relieved to be done with it and took a little less than they wanted because they knew I would pay.
  12. She's not likely to be a NPB if she's making an offer, is she? I'd probably politely verify that she realizes that your acceptance of her offer is a commitment, AND that she has read all the details of your listing, but if she's making a decent offer and others have not been, I'd be inclined to accept.
  13. One of the best pieces of advice I ever received (and have given) is that if someone is blocked, whether by your preferences or on your BBL, never unblock them. THey're there for a reason and it's looking for trouble to unblock.
  14. I am concerned by her 95% rating .I would not sell to her