Should I sell this Mini??

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  1. Should I sell my dark grey mini for a pop color bag instead? I'm just worried I will regret selling it since you don't see grey minis often.
    My other two grey bags in the picture is the light grey mini from 14B and metallic charcoal M/L from 09A.
    Any help is very much appreciated!
  2. you have a beautiful collection just as it is!:smile:personally, i'd swap out the woc for a bright color and not the mini.

  3. +1
  4. +2
  5. I love that dk grey/charcoal. You seem to have a nice neutral collection. What color are you feeling you are missing?
  6. +3
  7. I would keep the grey mini, it is gorgeous.
  8. IF you just want to add more color to your collection is there another item in your collection that you wouldnt mind giving up? It sounds like you are not convinced it is the right move so I would hold off on selling.
  9. I guess I'm pretty attached to all of them. I originally thought sell the WOC but I tend to grab the WOC pretty often. I have two Medallion totes as well, maybe I should sell those. Although they are great travel bags. I was thinking of adding a red bag to my collection.
  10. I probably would sell the grey mini for a dark red or blue mini, that's just me. If you don't need the fund, maybe hold the grey mini first until you found your pop color mini?

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  11. That's a good idea. My husband thinks I should sell my vintage black M/L. But wondering if that would be a mistake?
  12. Just curious, why did you pick the dark grey mini out of all of them to sell?
  13. I picked the dark grey mini to sell out of them all since I have a dark grey metallic M/L and a light grey mini. Thought maybe too many greys? But I guess they are all very different grey bags.
  14. I'd sell the WOC, it's because I'm not a WOC person.
  15. You have a beautiful collection!
    Good luck with your decision!