Should I sell this Fendi bag?

  1. Hi everyone. just found this Fendi bag in my closet, I guess last time I used it was 10 years ago at least!! I don't even know its exact name (does anyone?). it's a chef selleria in limited and numbered edition hand made (as u can see from the tag inside) in purple (kinda!) with brown leather and in great conditions. i'm really thinking at selling it since i don't like it anymore, what do you think? should I or would you keep it? and at what price can be sold?! :thinking: thanks so much in advance for your :help::ty:
    IMG_6775.JPG IMG_6777.JPG
  2. Hi, this is just a reminder about the tPF rules for anyone viewing this thread:

    Public selling/buying/trading is not permitted

    Thanks :flowers: