Should I sell this bag?

  1. I got it two years ago, somewhere around then. I haven't used it at all. I really like it, but I think I want to sell it to help pay for a LV speedy. What would you do??

    This is the model/make of the bag I have. I think it looks a lot better up close.
  2. If you aren't using it and there's something you'd rather have then, yes, you should sell.
  3. :yes:
  4. Yup . . . selling is good, if you don't want it anymore.
  5. Best to get something you love! I am having the same issues with my Poppy Gallery Tote - not loving her but not quite sure I'm ready to part.
  6. Yep, if you could put the money towards something you will use then you should sell her.
  7. YES... my BF and I are currently cleaning out our collections on eBay as well. Out with the old, in with the new
  8. yup.. sell it since you didn't use it and don't plan to use it :tup:
  9. yes, sell it =) get something that you will not want to put down instead =)
  10. I know for me, if I'm already mulling around the idea of selling it, its as good as gone. I've already subconsciously decided I can live without it. Doing the same thing with a bag of mine right now. I'd go ahead & sell it!
  11. If you don't use it, sell it to a loving home!
  12. SELL IT!!! I have a LV speedy and it is the best bag, SORRY coach girls to say that here but the style of the speedy is WONDERFUL!!!
  13. Yep, I'd sell it for something I'd love and use.:yes:
  14. Yup, esp. if you don't use it...then put the money towards another beauty! :graucho:
  15. Oh yes....I sold off all my Coach bags but one (and that one might go very soon, too) and got a Speedy - LOVE it and use it every single day.