Should I sell this and get this? Gangs plzzz help!

  1. Should I part with my vernis bedford bronze for the framboise bedford?I :love: them both but I don't want to have two bedfords :cry: I know I should had asked before listing, but that was b/c I saw Fyden's bronze spy and I wanted it so I listed it so fast I didn't even think too much about it :amazed: now the spy is sold:cry: :cry: should I keep the vernis bronze still or sell it and get the framboise which I also love!
  2. For me, the bronze would be a more versatile color. The framboise is gorgeous, but I would prefer it in a smaller style. I say keep the bronze.
  3. Maybe you are right :sad: The framboise in smaller style will be gorgeous too :love:
  4. I'd agree, too. I don;t like the framboise in larger pieces. To be honest, I don't care for the color at all. It's up to you. Ask yourself what you want more and what you'll use more? Seems, you might regret selling it, though.
  5. Your bronze is gorgeous. Hold out for the fuchsia if you like the pink. :biggrin:
  6. I think the bronze and fram compliment each other. Bronze for fall and winter and fram for spring and summer. Maybe a Fram Reade or Lexington?
  7. no i like the bronze. i'm a metallic fan, the framboise seems like u would like it for a year and then get bored of the color? but if you are bored of the bronze....

    sorry i didn't know you wanted the spy too!
  8. I am with the majority on this one: keep the bronze!!!
  9. I agree with everyone else, keep the bronze ! The colour is easier to match, plus the colour transfer issue with bronze is not so great.. and bronze isn't one of those colours that turns after time (e.g. like blue). Since frambroise is a new colour, no one knows if there will be problems with fading and the such down the road !
  10. I ordered a fram Bedford from elux, and in the meantime, located a fuchsia Bedford. In this bag, the fram was no comparison to the fuchsia, plus the fram had a strange strong odor - not the usual good new vernis smell. Needless to say, the fram was returned to elux without a second thought.

    So my advice, forget the fram and find a fuchsia Bedford!
  11. Going with everyone else, keep the bronze. It is definitely a more versatile color and will go with a lot more in your wardrobe. I agree with mewlicious - maybe in a while you can get a different style bag in framboise, like the lexington or reade?
  12. Keep the bronze and just get a fram. accessory... :smile:
  13. I traded my bronze bedford a while ago for a fuchsia one. I love my fuchsia one, but I do miss the bronze, it is such a gorgeous warm color. The framboise will be around for a while, so I would keep the bronze and find another way to get a framboise one later. ;)
  14. i have a framboise bedford and i'm saying keep the bronze! haha..unless you are a pink addict (like myself) you probably won't enjoy it as much...its really flashy and over-the-top girlie imo! i don't use it really...the bronze is a great color that i really never knew about until recently. i say keep it and get a framboise reade or minna street! very cute!
  15. I second that. Bronze is soooo pretty and it is discontinued.