Should I sell Speedy for a shoulder bag?

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  1. So I got a mono speedy 30 about a month ago and while it is definently the greatest bag i have ever had, i think i might be more in love with getting a shoulder bag. sometimes when i'm carrying louis, i feel like it gets in the way or it gets kinda my question is..should I sell my Speedy for either a Batignolles Horizontal or a Cabas Piano? What do you think? Or should I keep him since he was my first LV and has a lot of sentimental value to me, and just wait longer and save up for my BH? hmmm?!
  2. If you feel that carrying the Speedy on your arm is a hassle.. then you get a shoulder bag. If I were you... I'd keep it, and save up for the Batignolles Horizontal or a Cabas Piano!

    GOOD LUCK with your decision
  3. No you just bought your speedy and you rave about your for a shoulder bag...another girl in the forum sold her speedy regretted it and then had to buy another...if you hated your speedy I would say sell it but, I know that you love your darling up for the shoulder one..that is my 2cents:yes:....BH looks child friendly and roomy for diapers etc...

    Jacob is super cute...
  4. Keep the Speedy and save up for the BH!
  5. i agree! you can always sell the speedy later on if you really decide you don't want it.
  6. I agree too :yes:
  7. thanks!:yes: i you give such good advice! i really do love my speedy which is why this decision is tough, but i think that maybe saving up for my bh will be the wisest..i mean, i do want to build up my collection :P
  8. I agree with most, save up and get the BH, but keep your first LV, the speedy!
    Oh, Jacob is adorable!:P
  9. i :heart: ur baby jacob.. he's too cute :love:

    anyway i think that u definitely should keep ur speedy and save a bit more for BH.
    i still remember that u were so exciting with ur speedy and i dont think u've ready to part with it yet.
    speedy is such a classic bag that u could dressed up and down while BH is more for casual bag only..

    HTH :heart:
  10. :yes:
    i so agree...... keep it
  11. keep it~~
    then save up for another shoulder bag. or maybe you can get the one that tr444 is selling~~
  12. keepppppp and save!!!
  13. I think you are going to regret it if you sell it. Try to save up for a BH.
  14. keep your speedy! it's your first and more importantly, you still love it. just carry it more lightly so that it doesn't get too heavy. i say you should definitely save some more and buy the BH later! g'luck! :cutesy:
  15. Isn't there an extender that can go over the Speedy's handles to give it a should capability, or am I thinking about another bag (not the pochette, but maybe l'Alma ? :confused1: )