Should I sell? Should I return? My shopping trip last night.

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  1. Okay I hit the stores last night and picked up a few new bags. Now I am having buyers remorse; I am just not sure if either bag is right for me. The peach Gap I can just return so that is not a big deal, but the BCBG was such a steal ($79 on clearance; originally $298), that I am thinking I should try to sell it on Ebay. Here are the pics; any opinions would be appreciated!!

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  2. BCBG bags don't sell too well on Ebay. You might as well return it.
  3. I think the green one is a nice-looking spring bag, but if you really don't like it or won't use it you should return it and put the $$$ towards something you will love.
  4. I'd keep the green bag. Very nice for summer!!
  5. That is a shame. Do you think it is cute enough to keep? If I kept it, it would be instead of my Coach bag (have not taken the tags of yet).

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  6. I think the Coach is a nicer looking bag.
  7. I'm with Pseub--I LOVE that Coach, :love: Fabulous green:love: , and I love it with that scarf!!!:nuts: :love:
  8. What do you think of the peach hobo? I loved it in the store but now I think it looks horrible on me. I am only 5'2 so I think I am too short for this style; here it is from their website:

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  9. Okay, so BCBG goes back; what about the Gap bag?
  10. Did you buy the BCBG bag from a BCBG store? If you did, and it was on sale, you can't return it. They have a final sale policy on sale items...not to mention their regular return policy sucks too (I believe it's 7 days to return for store credit).

  11. If you think it looks horrible - then return it. It sounds to me like you don't want to keep either.

    It is a large bag could be good for gym clothes, beach stuff? yes, no?

    If you won't use it return it while you still can.
  12. Mmmmm I thought that the Gap bag was cute in white, but Loganz seems right you don't sound like you want to keep them, so back they should go.
  13. Hi
    I love your Coach bag with the scarf!!! It looks really nice!
  14. if you don't love it, don't waste your money! save it for something you can't live without.
  15. Now that you mention it..their policies do suck. I had wanted to purchase a wallet...but wasn't sure if it would fit in a bag that I had bought, but it was at home. SA said normally they don't do returns on any bags or wallets, ever....but she would make an exception for me if I brought it back the next day.

    No thank you. :evil: