Should I sell??? Please vote.

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  1. I have a brand new IF "Audra" (brown one) that I died to get - so now I buy a Francesco Biasia that I absolutely needed to survive - neither bag was really that expensive but both are the same damn color!! - If you were me, would you sell the Audra or keep it in it's dust bag for future use????? I'm loving the other one more right now.
  2. Never sell the audra. You will keep coming back to it. I don't know the other bag.
  3. Please post pic's but I would probably keep both unless I truly disliked one and wasn't going to use it.
  4. I think that you should keep both. They may be the same color, but they have a different feel to each, so you will want both to cover more bases (one day you may feel like wearing the biasa, the other the audra).
  5. If you don't need the $$$ to put towards another bag I'd keep it.
  6. I don't need the money but I feel extravagant having bought a second bag in the same color - I hate feeling like I am squandering money - even though I know I occasionally do.
  7. I would keep the audra. You tried so hard to get it plus I think you will always come back to it. You might regret it when it's gone
  8. You have to go with your conscience.
  9. I agree! :biggrin: good luck with what you decide!
  10. If you think you might regert it, don't. I returned a kate spade to Nordstrom's and kept thinking about it. I keep going back and haven't seen it since.
  11. Don't sell it!
  12. the FB has silver toned hardware, whereas the Audra has the bronze color.

    I was in the same predicament with my Audra, but not because I had two in the same color, but because I have only carried it once. To my inlaws house on Thanksgiving, set it on her bed, and then carried it's been in the dust bag ever since.

    I know I would regret it if I sold it. Hmmm....maybe I will carry it today! :biggrin:
  13. Same here. But then you probably bought it because you like it:nuts: !.
    Good luck!
  14. Without seeing pictures I can only say that you should keep both; you are not being extravagant if you will get use out of both of them.
    If they are classic and timeless then you will use them for years to come; even if one sits in it's dustbag for a few months now I am sure you will bring it out later.

    We never truly need another bag; but, it is nice to have options. :amuse:
  15. Ladies, Your feedback has been invaluable! I am keeping both bags. I thank you all for your insight!!