Should I sell part of My Hermes Collection?

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  1. I have an Huge Hermes collection including many Birkin bags in leather, and exotic skins, as well as clothes scarves, belts and jewelry some of which i may be interested in selling. Does anyone have advice for me as to the best way to go about this privately?
  2. eBay or reseller, all of this info can be found in the reference section
  3. I am sorry to have posted on the wrong forum. I just joined today and am new to this site. I will repost in the proper place. Thanks!
  4. No worries about the wrong forum thingie. There are bigger issues to deal with in life. :biggrin:

    Your best bet is eBay, a local consignment store or maybe even advertising in a local paper. In my area, we have a "want advertiser." You place an add, arrange to sell through the mail if they won't meet you locally at the site of your choice (for security), and if the item sells, you let them know and pay 10% for their efforts.

    EBay has a couple of VERY serious drawbacks. One, the fees. Now that you HAVE to accept Paypal, that fee added on to the auction and final-value fees can be be a lot. Also, scammers are now claiming fraud, item not as described....and a host of other things to get their money back. In THEIR best-case scenario, they get to keep the item, too! eBay is all about protecting the buyer and not the seller.

    I try to sell some of my extras locally whenever possible, but I know a bunch will need to go on eBay. Seriously, I dread it but consider it a necessary evil.

    Good luck!
  5. I am too afraid to use ebay for the same reasons you have written, especially for a high value item such as a Kelly.

    Consignment stores can expect 30-50% of the final sale price as their "cut" too.

    The local sale option is the best but that depends very much on where you live. If, like me, you don't have a Hermes boutique in your area, then it's hard to know if there is a demand or even brand awareness here. I can't just advertise at a price I want because there are so many here who are not familiar with Hermes products (and prices!). If you live in an area where people will spend a few HUNDRED on a Mulberry or LV and then advertise a bag for a few THOUSAND pounds, it doesn't go down well, lol :nuts:
  6. I would suggest big auction houses like Sotherbys or Christies - they get very good prices for H ATM.

    You can set a reserve and their 'cut' is less than re-sellers.

    The only drawback is one can't be in a hurry :beach:
  7. I would use a consigner. They take a cut obviously but the more well known they are the bigger market you can attract through their good customer service. Less hassle for you.

    I sent 10 pieces from Australia to the US, that included LV, Christian Dior, 1 Hermes bag and a few smaller pieces, wallets etc and all have sold.

    If you are not using certain bags etc anymore why not sell and move on.
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    try decades in los angeles or london or a store called resurection in new york the vintage stores this i belive is the best way in the sense of privacy and agility . they can evaluate over the internet.

    Please be reminded there's to be no buying/selling on the forum.
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  10. im so sorry about what i said i now know its against forum rules in my other post i sujested that store in los angeles called decades i hope this is o.k and another called resurection in new york again sorry and will not do this ever again LOVE TPF .BIRKEL
  11. Sounds like you need to off-load everything and for that you should probably give it all to a consignor or an auction house.
  12. A reseller like Nancy at will make it all very easy for you.
  13. I agree! Nancy will take great care of you and your Hermes items.
    Her knowledge of all Hermes is also a plus!