Should I sell or trade my Stam to get a brand new Paddington???


Should I ditch the Stam in favour of a Paddington???

  1. Get rid of the Stam, paddies are so much better!!!

  2. Keep the Stam, forget the paddy!!!

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  1. I'm seriously tossing up whether or not I should sell or trade my 05 Taupe Stam with icy leather for a new Chloe paddy...

    The stam is TDF :drool: but I'm in love with Chloe leather and can't stop thinking about a brand new paddy!!!!!

    If you had to make the choice, what would you do???:shrugs:

    Here's a pic of my stam:

  2. Keeeeep the Stam! LOL I think it's crying! No, but seriously, I was torn between a Stam and Paddy too and I decided on the Stam. Personally, I just love the shape a lot better and I love Marc Jacobs, so I guess I'm a little biased.
  3. I'd stick with the Stam (yours is gorgeous, BTW!), as if I wanted a Paddy, I'd prefer an earlier one, personally. :biggrin:
  4. I voted to keep the Stam ... I've always lusted after the taupe Stam!
  5. I am not really into the stam, so I would prefer to get a paddy, but a 06 one!
  6. Keep the stam, she is totally TDF! But I am not very much into Chloé anyway. :amuse:
  7. Neither is 'my' bag but of the two I think the MJ is much better and more enduring too but is the Paddy an 'itch you just gotta scratch'?! Let us know what you decide!
  8. It's really starting to feel that way!!!!!:p
    I know that stam is TDF though...and I don't want to make a mistake and lose it........

    I know I should just sit tight & wait til Xmas & get a paddy then as well as keep my stam....but I'm just so impulsive & impatient lol!!!:nuts:
  9. OMG!!! No doubt about it- Keep the Stam , IMHO!!!!
    It is utterly fantastic.
    I, too, adore the Paddingtons but really I'm sorry to say they are apples and oranges, and they seem common and basic compared to the stam.
    Honestly my vote is for you to keep the stam AND get the paddington...just wait if you have to. They will be around for a while.
    Really, your stam is gorgeous.:love:
  10. I think it depends on your wardrobe. The Paddy is fun, funky and casual. The Stam is all glam, glam, glam!
  11. Neither are really my style, but I think the Stam is more versatile... the Paddy is getting really dated IMHO. You can probably find it on sale somewhere since they've been on 50% off sales a lot in the last 6 months.
  12. i love the stam more...
    BUT.... if u're not really using that and really going to use the paddy, get the paddy.
    though for now, i'm still going to vote for the stam ;)
  13. I actually like the stam but I have also recently been having a little bit of "paddy obsession". I feel your pain.

  14. :yes: I would also keep the Stam...

    Icy Taupe - that color, on that style is TDF!! :drool:
  15. Oh, I could not agree more! :yes: The stam is gorgeous, and so are the older chloe bags. The '07's are nice, but they don't compare to the older ('06 and especially 05's)! :rolleyes: I have some older MJ's and I love those as well...the original stellas in black and brown, the earlier leathers in a variety of colors and some suedes as well. I would keep the stam, unless you get your hands on a '05 Chloe that you really love. I think you may be disappointed if you trade the stam for an '07 b/c the leather is just not the the same as it used to be.:cursing: