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Should I sell it for $300?

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  1. Hi! I just want to get your thoughts about this. I’m currently selling my Chanel Handbag in eBay because I think the bag is too small for me and I usually have a lot of stuffs inside my bag and I don’t use it that much. I received a message from an eBay member asking me some details about my handbag and giving me an offer of $300 BIN. I didn’t put any BIN there because I just want to sell my bag to the highest bidder. My handbag’s bidding price is $255 and I don’t know whether to sell it to her or not! Please help me decide! Thanks!
  2. Perhaps you could post on Chanel shopping board? I believe they'll give you good opinion by they're expert there :smile: good luck

    PS: compare it with how much you expect to sell it. If you're okay, then accept her offer but make sure you setup "imme. payment". tPFers have bad experience with nasty buyers, asked offer then after clicked BIN, they tried to bargain or refuse to pay.
  3. $300 seems low for a Chanel bag, but I don't know the style, size, etc. I agree with LVGodiva, definitely ask on the Chanel board!
  4. Ok Thanks! :biggrin:
  5. Well it depends on it's condition? Do you have a picture of the bag?
  6. It is in a very good condition. It is a vintage handbag but it is like new. no scratches, no peels and no discoloration at all.
  7. $300 seems really low for a Chanel in good condition. Can you check eBay and see what similar bags are selling for?
  8. How long is your auction for? Perhaps you can get more for it. Sometimes bidders come in at a low BIN price in hopes of getting the bag for less than the auction durations would yield.

    I usually calculate prices at what I paid; and lowering the price based on how long I had the bag; and deducting for any wear on it.

    For instance (not an actual auction!) I bought a Chloe Paddington 2 years ago. I paid about $1500 tax included. I would knock off $500 just for the time period. Now one of leather closures (for over the lock base) is broken. I would take off another $250. for that and list it with a BIN of $750. That's how I calculate it for me. (but I'm not selling the bag because my teenage daughter has endeared herself to it and she uses it now!)
  9. ITA! :yes:

    I'm not really familiar with Chanel, but 300 really sounds like a total steal to me, I'm sure you could get more

    What modell is it and how old is it? :confused1:
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