should i sell one of my bags and get the AZUR SPEEDY 30??!!


shop till you drop
Mar 21, 2009
hi guys. so i have a bag that i purchased not too long ago, damier ribera MM and now i really want to sell it to fund an azur speedy 30. the ribera is a lot more then the speedy but im having a very hard time selling it for a decent price. so i have a couple of questions:

1. should i just sell it XXXXXXX ( i feel like im losing A LOT of money this way :sad: but i just dont know what else to do)

2. do you think the azur speedy 30 is nicer, should i even change my ribera for this bag?

3. does anyone know where i can sell this bag - ie. websites? for a decent price.

for some reason this bag is not very popular but it is expensive so now its very hard to sell and im pretty sad about getting such a low price for it. does anyone have any other suggestions? TIA

***also, i am NOT trying to sell on TPF, just want some suggestions or helpful tips on what i should do***
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