Should I sell on ebay???

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  1. I have a Michael Kors collection bag that is in an exclusive color (bright orange) but i am questionable of selling it on ebay does anyone think i should sell it on ebay or are there any more alternative websites i could sell it on? Thanks!!
  2. There are lots of threads to alternatives for the Bay. Lots of us have chosen
  3. yes, bonanzle :yes:
  4. Auctiva is opening up a marketplace tomorrow.....
  5. photomj - Will you be using the Auctiva commerce marketplace? I've thinking about it though haven't looked seriously into it yet.
  6. I already list on ebay through Auctiva so I think it will be easy enough to use. I host my websites through and just found out today that they also have a "Marketplace". I've been asking them a lot of questions as well.

    Right now they seem to have a lot of "crafters" on there, so it's really not my type of place!

    From what I've read about the Auctiva Marketplace it sounds pretty good!