Should I sell of my denim mini pleaty?

  1. I have gone back and forth with this issue.

    I am going to be 39 years old. Lately, I have been admiring a lot more non-logo bags--some LV some YSl.

    Should I sell my denim mini pleaty? Am I too old to carry this bag? It is rather small and I am wondering whether it is too "young" for me now.

    What do you guys think?
  2. I don't think you're too old for your mini pleaty.
  3. I think, the question is: Do YOU :heart: to wear it?

    I don't think that there is such a thing as too old or too young for a bag, it's all a matter of pulling it off, kwim.

    I know a woman in her late 50s who carries her MC Trouville better than most girls in their 20s would. :nuts:

    If you're still in love with the bag then for heaven's sake keep it and wear it proudly.

    If you don't feel that way anymore, then toss it out and get something you REALLY love. :yes:
  4. ^^ITA. If you love it and will have a use for it, keep it!
  5. You are def. not too old for it!!It's only a question of if you still love it or not...
  6. You are as young as you feel, and if you wear it with a great outfit, you are never too old for denim!!!
  7. If it is Fuschia you should sell it to me. JK. I think denim is timeless and classic. If you love it and will use it then keep it!
  8. I will be 39 this year, and I will not give up my denim pleaty. It is cute and great in the summer. Keep it.
  9. Keep it! I love the Denim line and used my Pleaty last night. The Demin Mini is a great casual LV. It looks great on everyone!
  10. That's what I thought. :p
  11. Keep it, I think it is a fun piece. But as many others mentioned, as long as you still love it.
  12. Thanks you ladies. I was feelin a bit old but now I'm thinking I can pull it off. I think I"ll put it away for a while and see how I feel.
  13. I would keep it.
  14. I'm almost 33 and this bag is one of my favs - you are never too old for a great bag!
  15. i love the mini pleaty! dont get rid of it, i think you may be sorry, unless you are more of a very big bag kinda person.....