Should I sell my vintage Gucci?

  1. So I've been on a purse spending spree and now I need to recoup some of my loss...:shocked:. I know I am going to sell my LV Petit Noe (I don't seem to covet LV that much anymore) but should I sell my vintage Gucci clutch? Photos below. I never, never, never wear it. Should I give it up so someone else can enjoy it or should I keep it because it is "vintage"?
  2. welp, since you say you never, ever use it, i'd sell it girlfriend :yes:...i'm doing the same thing w/my old bags right now...i've just gone on a little (BIG) spree of my own & have to sell some stuff to help pay for my new babies long as you don't have any major sentimental attachment to it, i'd say, go make some $$$ :greengrin:
  3. Sell it, I was jsut thonking of what I should sell for my Large HOBO purchase
  4. I totally agree with aaallabama and deja! Sell it! just as long as you won't regret it. Sell it and let someone else love it.. Just my two cents...:yes: :biggrin: