Should I sell my Trapeze PM ?

  1. Hi everyone, I would love your oppinions please. I bought a grey trapeze PM in Feb and carried it for about 2hrs the day I bought it and it has been sitting in its dust bag and box ever since. I really love it but am so scared to use it as I can imagine that dirt would show up very easily.

    My question is, do you think I should sell it so I can buy a bag that I can use every day (I really love the Epi Mandarine Jasmine) or do you think I should hold onto it considering it is limited edition? I would need to sell it on e-bay as I am only new here and don't have enough posts to sell it here. My husband thinks I should keep it, but I am just not sure :unsure: .

    Thanks :biggrin: .
  2. Post a pic of your grey trapeze because since it's a limited edition, not many of us have seen it before. Can you post and let us compare?
  3. Here is a piccy of my Trapeze. I used my phone camera - sorry about the quality but my digital camera has a dead battery. Gosh I haven't posted pictures here before, I hope it works.
    image_00024.jpg image_00027.jpg image_00028.jpg
  4. Its a great summer bag!
    If I were you (and this is jst me here), I would use it in the summer gently and carefully (with shining monkey protector obsiously!) and selling it off in the autumn and replace with a more wintery epi jasmine!
  5. Haha, it is Autumn now here though.
  6. sell it
  7. Last December I was planning to get it...but when I saw how wide the bottom is, I can't bring this bag home. Sell it. The material looks very generic.

    Sorry, what I meant was that the fabric goods very delicate. It looks like it will rip easily.
  8. Generic? What do you mean?

    The bag is gorgeous. I have it and LOVE it.

    I apologise....i JUST realised that ur in Australia! It IS autumn there!

    ahhh...It beutiful, its limited and discontinued so I wouldnt leav eit for a jasmin that u can get any time. But thats just me.
    The jasmin is so gorgeous aswell.
  9. That's OK LondonBrat, yeh I do love it. Maybe I can just use it for special occasions then wait until Dec (my birthday) to get a Jasmine. I thought that mandarine epi was supposed to be discontinued soon but I spoke to the SA yesterday here in Perth and she said they hadn't heard anything and that they only just received that colour a few months ago. Hopefully the mandarine colour will still be avail in Dec.

    Do you use your Trapeze very often LondonBrat?
  10. How much would you sell it for?
  11. I wouldn't have a clue actually. I payed $1760 AUD and I believe they are not avail in Australia anymore but I don't know about everywhere else. I think I would loose money if they are still avail but I guess as long as I get enough to purchase the Jasmine.
  12. I have the Trapeze PM, I love it and would never part with it. I am also guilty of neglecting it but, I could never let it go. It's up to you, but if it were me, I'd keep it.
  13. It's all up to you, but if it's not really doing so much you might as well trade her in for something you'll love a little more ! ;)
  14. Same trouble here , i was thinking about selling my just bought Multicolore shirley . i was scared to use it.
    And my final decision was to sell it and get a new one that i can practically use .
    I bought speedy Epi with that money ,and feeling happy now.
  15. I would sell it .. I saw the pink GM in a store here the other day too. Get something that you will use:biggrin: