should I sell my tivoli gm for a new bag?


Dec 17, 2006
I hardly use my tivoli. I was thinking of the new Gallaeria gm, I have the trevi pm so I already have a bag with the pleating, whats holding me back is that it is so hard to find in stores, I dont wanna regret selling it and then cant find it. Im liking monty gm too, ahh help, is Tivoli that hard to find?
Jan 30, 2006
New Jersey
yeup!!!tivoli is nearly impossible to find. i jusy got back from SHM and still sold out.darn....i have been thinking about i put my name on the list and am keeping my fingers crossed.
i was told the list is still long. i wonder why this bag is not readily available like the other styles...


Cuddly Bag Monkey
Jul 20, 2007
I saw my SA a couple of days ago I asked how the Tivoli GM was doing (I have it, can't live without it). She said, they come and then they go. Right now, it's the hottest selling bag despite new releases (even the super cute Monty is more easily available). I've been to 3 boutiques the last week or so (on a different hunt) and not one had a Tivoli on the shelf. The good news is, it is permanent (but you prolly already knew that) so you can always buy it again later when the craze dies down.


Jan 3, 2008
but the galliera gm is HUGE!!! lol or maybe you've already checked it out IRL and like it a lot.. so do whatever that makes you happy... but for me personally i'd keep tivoli gm because it's much smaller and more suitable to my needs. again, if galliera does it for you then get it! lol or you can keep tivoli now and get galliera later since both are permanent items.

LV Vixen

Apr 2, 2008
Queens, NY
I have been waiting for the Tivoli for 2 months. I have had my name on the list and still no that the Galliera came out i've decided i'll buy which ever one i can get my hands on first...i dont know how much longer i can hold out haha...if ur really considering selling ur Tivoli, i'd seriously consider buying its soooo hard to find

Beach Bum

Feb 17, 2006
I personally have the MONTY GM and the GALLIERA PM.
I have to say i get more use out of the MONTY but I love the way the Galliera looks too.I thinku would prefer the SMALLER GALLIERA.....its still GINORMOUS!!LOL!