Should I sell my Stellina playground?

  1. I was thinking of selling my Stellina in playground print - it's in good condition but still... I'm not sure because it was one of my first tokidoki bags.

    What do you guys think? Would the resell value be worth it? or should I hold onto it for sentimental value?
  2. I think the reselll should be worth a lot since it's a Playground print. I like to hold onto my firsts: sentimental > money. At times.. haha but I didn't sell my first bag. If you don't want it or need the money or something, you can sell it.

    The playground print is pretty rare and goes for a lot. If you don't use it a lot, you could also get rid of it.
  3. How funny... I'm struggling with the same thing. I want to sell my citta since I don't use it at all but--- I have it autographed by Simone and the placement is PERFECT. I'm holding on to it even though I don't use it at all. It's up to you, but if you don't need the money or think you'll regret, don't do it. It will be so difficult to find again.
  4. Well, I'm a very sentimental person, so I say DON'T SALE IT.
  5. See, I'm sentimental and I say to Strike while the Iron is Hot! I held onto a bunch of designer bags over the last 10 years for sentimental reasons, and now they're hardly worth anything.

    Decide when the time is right, buy yourself a great replacement, and watch the bids roll in. :smile:
  6. Do you think the signed items are valued? I thought they would be, but the few I've seen on eBay do not seem to go for much more than if it weren't. I have a few signed items, and one I do not care for, but thought I'd hang onto 'just in case' yknow?
  7. ^^you should post pictures!
  8. If you don't use it, sell it. If you think you might regret selling it, even in the slightest, hold on to it. :shrugs:
  9. Holy's signed! KEEP IT!!! I think you would regret getting rid of it due to it being a special circumstance, I would love to have anything autographed by him...especially a bag. Even if you pack it away somewhere, you will come across it later in life and have good memories;).

  10. Is it the Tan Playground print? If so, you should keep it. Tan Playground is becoming rarer as months pass, so you might regret it.

    However, you could definitely cash in on it if you need the money badly. Tan Playground Stellinas go between $300-$350 on eBay depending on the print placement.
  11. I listed it on eBay, search under "Tokidoki Stellina playground" if interested

    I'm not too worried because I set a reserve price, so if not met I still get to keep my bag ^^
  12. ^^i've seen it! very beautiful! i'm sure it will sell, since so many people are looking for Tan Pg Bags.
  13. ahhh I just looked at it too. very pretty! I would have kept it ... TP is sooo hard to find these days :yes:
  14. I hope you see lots of green! :tup:

    BTW, how many people do you have watching it? just curious since i wonder what the bidding frenzy will be like in the end.
  15. 20 ppl are watching at the moment