Should I sell my SO Cabas Piano for an MC Noe?

  1. I have an SO Damier Cabas Piano, but I'm thinking of selling it to get a black MC Petit Noe. I don't use the Piano nearly as much as I thought I would. I really like it and I like that it's different, but I honestly find it a little hard to use. It holds less than my Speedy 25 (surprisingly) and I have to stack all my things to make them fit. And one of the straps always falls off, which drives me nuts! And I've been looking at the MC Noe lately, and I'm so in love with it! But I've never tried it on before, and I don't have an LV store near me...what do you guys think? :confused1:
  2. Well if you don't like the cabas piano ... then by all means sell it and get something you could actually use. I can understand how it would get annoying about the strap falling off, I don't like that either and if it just doesn't fit your needs, even though it's a gorgeous bag .... get something you would love. The mc noe is tdf. If you don't require a zip top or flap for security, then noe is perfect! Good luck ... and sorry you don't like your SO cabas piano.
  3. I got an MC noe a few weeks ago. I thought my love for MC was gone and that bag brought it all back! I have been stacking my things in that bag sideways! It fits great and hold tons of stuff!
  4. I love the mc noe! I would do it!
  5. thanks guys...i think i'm leaning toward the noe...but i know that if i give the piano up, i'll prb never have one again...
  6. I love the mc noe!:drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:... don2t think about it. sell the cabas piano and get the dream bag:graucho::graucho::yes:
  7. I would get the MC Noe. The piano is a little small and i just think the noe is cuter
  8. The black noe is one of my absolute fave MC bags- I'd definitely sell the CP if it's inconvient and gets little use. You'll get a good price for it too- those are one of the most popular SO's.
  9. thanks guys!
  10. I have both, piano and MC noe in white. noe holds tons stuff, but you have to drag/ push it back, so you arm can hang down comfortably (it has a pretty wide base). Go for the noe, you will like it!
  11. ^^^that's okay, i have to do that with my piano already since that's the only way the straps won't fall off.
  12. does anyone know if the noe fits more than the piano?
  13. Couldn't you keep the CP for now and get the noe anyway? Just until you can decide on what you really would like to do?
  14. I wouldn't but thats just me.
  15. Hmm...if you aren't using it then try to sell it. I wonder how much of the original cost you will be able to recoup though. Why don't you try to sell it first to see if it's worth it.