Should I sell my SIGNED Inferno BV to buy Spiaggia BV?

  1. Hi guys...I need ur help!

    I saw the spiaggia print and I looove it! And I like it in BV. But the problem is, I have a SIGNED inferno BV that I rarely use, I've only used it twice. I bought it at the Bloomingdales when Simone came for signing, so I paid retail price + tax. I dont think having 2 BVs is a good idea cuz I dont use it much. So should I sell the Inferno BV and buy spiaggia BV? But I'm only willing to let it go at retail price since its signed (he drew sandy on it and tulips on my 2 other bags, so I really love this one) even tho inferno and paradiso has been marked down a lot.

    What do you guys think? Do u think I should just keep it? Do u think anyone would be interested for a signed inferno BV at retail price + shipping? (I know its high compared to other inferno and paradiso that had been on sale)

    Here's the pix:


  2. wow i like your print placement :biggrin: hmm to answer your question...well if you are willing to sell your inferno for a spiaggia then go for it...but Im not too sure if they want pay retail price on it since its used :push: imo I think you should keep its cuz its signed so thats unique...unless you really need the $$$ to buy your spiaggia then its a different story :biggrin:
  3. I think the fact that it's signed (and has a Sandy drawing!) might offset the fact that it's used. I think you could get retail for it, especially in a week or so when the outlets are out of inferno. If you really want the Spiaggia, and you rarely use the inferno BV, why don't you throw it up on eBay next week with a $175 reserve and see what happens? If it wasn't for the fact that I already have 4 inferno bags, and plan to get them signed by Simone at Comic-Con, I would have jumped on it!

    Worse case scenario: no one bites, and you keep your bag. Best case scenario: there's a bidding war and you get enough for a Spiaggia BV and a denaro. You'll still have 2 other signed bags, and probably a chance to get your Spiaggia signed sometime in the future. :smile:
  4. Eejit has some good advice for you.

    If it were me I'd keep the inferno BV. I really like it plus you got Simone to sign it.
  5. Thanks everyone!

    I think I might do what Eejit suggested. I probably will get my spiaggia first and then try to sell the inferno. :shrugs: