should I sell my Roxanne on ebay? Help!

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  1. Ok, I'm a bit sad and confuzed, I won (on ebay) the chocolate Roxy Loren was selling a few days ago, I received it and I love it......the leather is sooooo nice, and of course it smells delicious...I had been wanting a Mulberry for a while and thought I had finally found it. But I don't know, I'm not so sure on the size, it's roomy which is good but kind of boxy, I keep looking at pictures of Scarlett's and I want mine to get soft like hers but I don't know if even then it'll be ok, do these bags soften a lot more with wear? I feel so bad because I really like it, but wonder if it'll always stay like that. I live in South Texas and there's nowhere I can go see these bags in person. :sad2: What do I do? Do I keep it? Will it kind of get "skinnier"? It still has the tags on and everything, I don't want to use it 'cause I'm's such a nice bag :sad2: I would love your input....would any of you be interested? Or if you have one, what are your thoughs?
  2. can you post a picture; they are pretty collapsable so I am not sure what you mean about "skinnier".

    They are great bags, and they age very well.
  3. I don't have a digital camera so I can't send you one with me wearing it, but here's the ebay link
    let me know if it doesn't work, by skinnier I mean that when it's closed in it's original shape, it gets kind of boxy and "wide", it's collapsible when it's in the tote form (it's fine that way). I'm thin and I feel like my arm is too far away from my body when I put it this dumb? I'm sorry I don't know how else to explain it :shame: . What I'm wondering is...will it get closer to my body with wear? I usually wear my bags on my shoulder so maybe I'm just not used to the bag...
  4. I know what you mean . . . I feel the same way when I try one one. but I keep trying because I LOVE that bag! LOL!
    There's one that's a littel more "petite" than the Roxy . . . anyone know which one I'm thinking of?
    I tried it on at Saks at the Houston Galleria and LOVED it, it fit JUST right.
    I think your heart is telling you to sell it, try and find the right one, there's a few Mulberrys that could work for you.
  5. I've had mine a month and I am loving it more each day - my other bags are completely neglected - I am thin and 5'4" the bag is a shoulder bag on my body ( it looks just like it looks in the move "Match Point") It totally caves in under my arm and does not look thick or boxy at all - I hope you warm up to it, IMO it is in a class by itself and it doesn't scream logos at you.
  6. Are you talking about the one with the shoulder strap? The Rosemary? See, I initially liked the Phoebe, but after reading several posts on it some people were saying that it wasn't roomy and that it was kind of hard to get into...I really like the purse but like I said, I'm nor t sure if it'll ever "collapse" ....:cry:
  7. I'm 5 6' so maybe there is hope! I totally agree with the logo's statement, that's one of the things I love about it.:shame:
  8. YEAH, that! I tried it on and really liked it, it was smaller I believe{?}
  9. Maybe I just need time to warm up to it....mmmhhmmm:unsure:
  10. Maybe Kooba will come out w/ a "Kooba Daisy" bag that's just right! LOL! ;)
  11. he he :P My poor purse, I don't want it to feel unwanted...I guess it does collapse....I feel bad cause I do love it, but I don't want my arm to be so far away from me he he. I was telling my husband about my dilemma and he was laughing, I told him: " this is why I have to do that dance in front of the mirror a the store", he says it's funny how I try purses on looking this way and that in front of the mirror as if it was a piece of clothing...hello! bags are extensions of a girl's body! :lol:
  12. 'tis true!
  13. I agree about purses being extensions of our body. I think it might be best to sit on the bag (not literally :lol: ) for a few days. If you still feel conflicted, you should sell it and get either another style you like, or another bag. Good luck, and let us know what you decide to do!
  14. If you are having second thoughts perhaps you should sell it. I have a Mulberry Rosemary which is smaller than the Roxy. It has two handles to be carried as a satchel, but it also has a shoulder strap so you can wear it on your shoulder. It is very comfortable to carry both ways. I have it in oak, but I believe it is available in the brown too. Here's a pic of my Rosemary.
  15. Well I just wanted to thank you guys for your input, I did decide to keep my bag because I just needed time to bond with her. I didn't really want to let it go 'cause it's a gorgeous bag...after a few wears it has started to soften and is much more confortable to carry now, my arm is confortable now! :smile: I love my bag!!!