Should I sell my rouge vif?

  1. I am just wondering what you think, I bought my rouge vif first in August last year and have used it but not loads, I love it but am desperate for an apple green or magenta. I thought I could sell my red and buy one of these when one comes on eBay but then the condition might not be as good as mine. I was desperate for a red one and now I want a different one, maybe I would be the same with a different colour, I don't know. Shall I sell it?:confused1:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Oh yes, the Balenciaga what color should I go with fever! Been there! I say if your just not completely loving it go for the color you wish you had, should it happen again, repeat until!
  4. That's gorgeous. I'll be watching ifyou do sell it. But bear in mind - every girl should have at least ONE RED BAG!!!! so get both and since magenta is awfully close to red, Id get the green - or get the newer green. Thats justmy opinion and I"m stickin to it
  5. I love that bag. I wouldn't sell it.
  6. keep it!!
  7. a PFer is selling an apple green city on eBay now - think its becca
  8. Definitely a keeper, without a doubt! Red is such a classic colour (I place it up there with black and white) and it'd brighten up any outfit. If you want the magenta/green go for it but keep the rouge vif!
  9. I love RV so I'm biased I would keep it!
  10. I say..It you are not 100% sell it and get the one you like..That's what I do all the time..
  11. You should keep it. That is one gorgeous rouge vif.
  12. Thanks guys, if I sell it I will prob end up regretting it! Think I shall keep it for the time!
  13. You're right! Definitely keeper lol! You'll regret if you sell this beauty! She is irreplaceable!!! ;)
  14. Yes...Keep it or you will regret it. It such a lovely color & you have bought it brand new
  15. Rouge Vif is my fav colour with I would keep it !!!