Should I sell my Rolex?

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  1. In January of this year I toyed with the idea of selling my midsize Yacht Master SS/platinum for a midsize DateJust. There is a size difference, of course...the DateJust midsize is 31mm, while the YM midsize is 35mm, and I am not a skinny girl. I have tried the 36mm DateJust, but it is too big and looks like a man's watch on me.

    The plusses are: 1. Cute/sporty/blingy; 2. I sometimes use the rotating bezel if I need to time something (mostly parking meters!); 3. It IS the only "sport" watch Rolex makes for the ladies; 4. It is sort of "under the radar" as Rolexes go, so you don't see many around; and 5. It seems to be gaining in popularity.

    The minuses: 1. Can be bulky when wearing a suit; 2. Fairly heavy, so it doesn't stay where I would like on my arm much of the time; 3. I got it at a good price because it was a less popular model at the time; 4. It was my first new Rolex; and 5. The price just increased across the board at Rolex, so if I regretted selling, it would be very hard to replace it for what I originally paid.

    Should I keep it and just feel a bit clunky sometimes when I wear it with suits? Should I sell and get the two-tone DateJust which is the "standard" Rolex? I am asking because I have a Rolex enthusiast acquaintance who has expressed an interest in buying mine for his wife, so I guess I have to make a decision one way or the other.

    Here is a pic of the watch on (this is my "optimal position" but when I am walking around the watch "falls" down onto my wrist and is loose. I have never had it sized. And another pic of just the watch.


  2. Here is a quick pic I took trying on the midsize DateJust at the AD for comparison (a bit blurry, sorry!):

  3. I'm not knowledgeable about watches, but to me it sounds like if you just got it sized, you would be happy with it. It's nice to have something more rare / under the radar, and the bigger size is a plus in my book. Plus, I think it suits you.
  4. I like the first one (sport) better!
  5. if it is only Rolex, then the midsize would be best to fit casual and formal wearings.
  6. Of the two, I prefer the first one on you. :yes:
  7. I also like the first one on you.
  8. I like the first one, too!
  9. Of course I love the yachtmaster since I have same one. But I only wear mine when I'm casually dressed. If you only want one watch and it needs to span wearing a suit to more casual, the midsize DJ is probably a better bet.
  10. ^^also, you've been thinking about this for awhile and wrestling with the decision so I think deep down, you don't feel like the YM is for you. :smile: Listen to your gut.....
  11. I like the first one on you. I think it would look good with a suit too, but maybe that's just me.
  12. Rockerchic, yes, I HAVE been wrestling with this for a while! I had settled on keeping the YM until I got the offer, which started me thinking again. (Never a good thing!) I think the size of the YM is perfect for me, while the midsize DJ is a bit on the small side and the 36 looks too much like a man's watch on me. Wondering what made me pick the YM originally, other than I did like the sporty/chunky feel. I feel a weird attachment to it as my first new it would be terrible to get rid of it somehow...but that's must me being sentimental and silly, I think.
  13. LOL - I believe you tried to talk me into the YM when I bought my mid-size! And now you're considering the mid-size?! I tried on the YM several times. Too busy on the face. I do like it though on others. Would you get a very decent price for it? If you took a bog loss, I would just keep it. But that is JMO.
  14. I love your YM and it looks great on you. Why don't you have a few links taken out and wear it around for a week or so and see if that makes a difference to you or not. Then decide whether to do something different.
  15. I definitely like the YM on you. The datejust looks too small on you. I think you should keep the YM and get a datejust :smile: