should i sell my RH charcoal work for a charcoal GGH city??

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what would you do??

  1. keep the RH charcoal work!

  2. sell the work and grab the GGH city!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. i need a dark evening bag for movies/dinner. the work is too big and only for daytime. the city would be ok for both day and night. but am i trading a classic (RH) for a trendy (GGH)...or will GGH last just as long??
  2. ^^Honestly I don't think that GH will be as timeless as RH is. That said, you should buy what you love. What about a city with RH?
  3. Seems that GGH fervour is mounting rather than dropping so why not go with the bag that is more flexible in terms of use.
  4. I say go with what really rocks your boat!!!
  5. just keep in mind that GGH is alot heavier than RH ;)
  6. Personally, I love RH... timeless!
  7. No you shall not sell your RH charcoal work for a charcoal GGH city!! I've been there done that...GGH city is about 3 times the weight of RH city and it's not as classic as RH. If you need an evening bag may I suggest you consider a clutch...either the flat clutch or env clutch will do.