Should I sell my raisin Legacy shoulder bag?

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  1. Now that I have my Hamptons berry satchel and its a keeper, I now have 3 purple/plum bags - this one, my plum Bleecker patent tote, and Legacy shoulder in raisin. I realize they are all very different bags, but I like to keep up with my one in/one out policy (but it may not be possible this time!) I wouldnt sell the Bleecker, and I already have another Legacy shoulder bag in Juniper. Im not deciding this minute, but what are your opinions? How many purple bag does one person need?!!

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  2. The are all adorable!!! I'm a patent leather freak myself! I'd probably hold on to that one! I'm still drooling over your newest one!
  3. I wouldn't be able to part with it, too gorgeous! :drool:
  4. Well, I would say that the raisin is quite a bit different in colour (bit lighter purple/more reddish), so I wouldn't get rid of it unless I had to :]
  5. The patent bleeker is gorgeous- I couldn't part w/that one! Do you ever use the shoulder bag?
    Will you miss it for any specific reason if you sell it off?
    Out of the 3 of them id sell the shoulder bag, unless you really do not HAVE to.
  6. I think I would - the carryall seems to fit the same size/use niche as the shoulder, and you already have it in juniper (plus I am biased as I always liked the 06 version better :P ).
  7. I agree.

    (But if it was the '06, it'd be a different story.)
  8. Coming from a person that doesn't need ANY purple :P I would say sell it.. they are all very similar in color and the other 2 are better, so sell it! :tup:
  9. I say sell the raison. I think I need to adopt the one in one out idea.
  10. I would say keep it donna since the raisin color isn't really a true purple color--the color tends to look different in different lighting--It's not the same color as the new carryall in berry which is a "true" purple. Plus the raisin is part of the old legacy line which means you won't likely find one again in the new line so you might regret it once you sell it. The old legacy shoulders are getting harder and harder to find!
  11. I say keep it if you don't have to get rid of it. I think each bag is different enough to justify keeping them all. I love all 3 of them and would keep them all.
  12. I agree with MsAmie, since it is Legacy Leather, it will be much harder to find in the future. Others may come and go, but my Legacy Leather bags are here to stay! All 3 of your bags are different shades of purple, and completely different styles, so I say keep them all!
  13. Since u already have the Legacy shoulder in juniper, sell the raisin one. GL deciding!
  14. That is one of the reasons I am wrestling with this one - I love my Legacy bagsthe est and have a nice collection of them, and I like to have them in different colors, too, which is way I got both raisin and juniper. OK still not sure but thanks everyone for the opinions!!! Oh, and I dont NEED to sell one, just trying to keep things reasonable for me.
  15. Sell it to me!! :nuts: J/K

    I say don't sell it. That bag is absolutely gorgeous, especially in the raisin color.