Should I sell my pleaty?


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Dec 5, 2005
I have a mini pleaty and I use it a lot especially if I'm going out to a bar or dancing. I also have an LV epi accessories pochette which I hardly use. It's been a year since I've used it.

I want to sell one of these bags so I can buy a Speedy 25 which is more of a practical, everyday bag that I'm looking for.:biggrin:

Do any of you ladies know how much the epi pochette is these days? I don't think I can buy a Speedy even if I do decide to sell the epi :wacko:
Thanks for your help!:shame:


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Epi pochette costs $335. Selling a used one, the price probably isn't worth giving up a bag for. I think you should just save for the Speedy! If you must sell one, personally I prefer that over the Pleaty, but since you use the Pleaty much more then sell the epi.
Pursegal-I just sold my red epi pochette w/original receipt, LV box/shopping bag, dustbag and original tags for $249.99 a week ago. It was less than 1 year old and I wore it less than 5 times. What I noticed was that I was not able to get any decent amount back for my almost new LV items for the most part on Ebay. In the past couple of years, I think all the counterfeits have scared away a lot of potential buyers. I had to relist it to get it to be sold off. Unless you're REALLY not interested in keeping it, perhaps you should keep it? For me, I knew I'd probably never end up wearing it, so I didn't mind selling it at that price.
Unfortunately epi doesn't fetch such good prices in general unless you have a rare item. Good ole monogram does the best IMO especially speedys. Anyway I would also say keep the denim because you already use it a lot. Just don't be too disappointed if your epi doesn't get huge money and save the rest for your new baby. V