Should I sell my oak Bayswater?

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  1. Hi everyone, looking for a bit of advice.

    I purchased an oak heritage Bayswater last year in the sale. I’ve literally used it less that 10 times in the last year. The majority was used in the summer last year. I haven’t used it for the last 7 months at least! I’m just petrified of getting it wet in the rain! I’ve used collonil on it but have heard from so many people that this hasn’t fully protected theirs. Whereas water just rolls off my Tessie and my small grain Bayswater satchel!

    I’ve wanted the outlet Bayswater in Graphite for a long time, but when I saw the oak in the sale I just had to have it. Should I sell the oak and then pay a bit more for the graphite because this will probably be hardier?

    I’m looking to move out next year so I can’t convince myself to have both!

    Do you think I should keep it as the oak is no longer made in the NVT?
  2. I rarely use my oak bags for the same reason, too scared of wrecking them in the rain. Since there’s another bag you want, I would say sell it - you’ll get a better price selling it near to new than you will if you leave it in your wardrobe for another year.
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  3. I would say keep it! Treat it with collonil, use it and love it. I keep with me a chamois to dry mine off when it rains ( I live in a city with lots of rain). The oak goes with everything, it's a true classic and only gets more and more golden delicious and beautiful with use. I travel with all oaks, a Piccadilly, a heritage Bayswater and a SBS. No worries!
  4. For me, the oak is a classic colour and leather. I have a oak SBS and I love it. I do use Collonil and have carried it out with light rain, and the bag still comes out well, but I wouldn't carry it in a heavy downpour. Now the weather is nicer, I have brought out my SBS for the summer! As to whether you should keep it, think about whether you love the bag enough to keep it in your collection, or would you get more enjoyment from the graphite colour.
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  5. That's a classic, girl. Keep that baby!
  6. Why are you afraid to use the Oak? Mines has been splattered with rain and covered with snow. It’s perfectly fine probably because I treat it with collonil gel regularly mostly to speed up the patina and I have sprayed it with collonil water stop once or twice. The bag is perfectly fine.
  7. Can only echo what's been said in favour of keeping Oak. Such a classic, as wkim says. Part of Oak's charm is the patination process. Just protect on regular basis with Collonil (gel/spray) and head on out there and enjoy her. After all, that "had to have it" feeling you mentioned doesn't necessarily go away after you move a cherished bag on, no matter how sensible the reason. Speaking from experience, you may end up trying to find another one down the road-not so easy!
  8. Agreed. The patina that develops over time is something that I especially love about the Oak. This is my Oak Bayswater and I use it a lot in the winter even on snowy, windy and rainy days. I just make sure I apply collonil gel when we’re having bad weather. There were several times I had to brush cakes of snow off of it during my commute home.

  9. I have an oak lily. I seldom carry it due to same reason. I sold my oak SBS also because I scared i ruined the bag. But over times I started to appreciate oak will develop nice and unique patina. I will try to carry my oak lily more with collonil protection. I also put a small dust bag inside. If heavy rain will use the dust bag cover my bag.
  10. I had the same problem. Rain marks and the straps got darker due to my fondness of hand cream. So finally I just washed the whole bag in water to speed up the darkening process. After that it can handle everything. I know it sounds a bit scary, but it is totally worth it.
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  11. Wow this looks like delicious chocolate! Yum Yum. Such a beauuuuty.
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  12. Thank you all so much for your replies! Sorry for the late response I seem to have stopped getting notifications for some reason! Over the last couple of weeks I’ve used my oak and I’m so glad that I did, I feel that even after using her for such a short period she’s began to darken. I haven’t got caught in any rain yet though.

    I think I was so scared because I’ve seen on youtube someone who just got theirs wet and didn’t take care for it and it had all deep dark patches and whilst she still loved it, I wouldn’t enjoy carrying the bag if it looked that uneven and almost blackened if you get what I mean.

    The bags also started to soften as well, which is nicely because at first it used to squeak!
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  13. I’m not that brave yet!
  14. I own both oak and graphite and I use he graphite a lot more than oak as it is fuss free. I rarely use my oak as I tend to use other colours. However she has developed a lovely patina now just sitting in her dust bag compared to when I first got her when she looked quite anaemic. Will have to aim to use her more in the coming months.
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  15. I still have my original Oak Bays from when i bought it in 2009. I think i hold onto it because the current prices are ridiculous compared to what I paid for 10 years ago. Its a heavy bag, which is why it hardly gets used, but I'm like you, sometimes I wonder if its worth holding onto this ....resale for Mulberry isn't very good it seems.
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