Should I Sell My NF?

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  1. #1 Sep 17, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 18, 2010
    I've had the mono nf gm for over a year. It's well used but still in great condition. I'm thinking of selling it to fund another bag. Yoogi's Closet offered to buy it for $325-375. I paid $798 for it. I think what they offered is pretty low but I'm not sure how often I'll be using my nf again. Should I keep it or sell it?

    ETA: Gentle reminder to all that there's no selling/buying/trading on tPF. Thank you and good luck with your decision!
  2. Yeah consignment stores won't give u much. I say sell it yourself so u will get more money for it.
  3. Wow Are they crazy ? how is the condition? such a low price.. put it on the bay or keep it.
  4. It has nice patina and no stain inside! Good condition, my first LV!
  5. Same boat, Yoogi's offered me something like $525 for my $1300 Hampstead MM. I was like :confused1:

    I love shopping at Yoogis, but from the selling end you do take a big hit. Then again, you don't have to deal with photographing and listing your bag on ebay, or the nonpaying sellers/scammers that might come with it.

    What I wish would happen is someone from tPF make a little marketplace or message board where we could sell things to each other without polluting these boards or violating the ToS....*sigh* A girl can dream, right?
  6. Also keep in mind that Yoogi's (like a lot of consignment shops) takes 30% of all sales... so if they're offering you that they would expect to sell your NF for like 500-525.

    So I guess the question is if you want to deal with an Ebay or Bonanzle for the extra $ :P
  7. That is such a low price :wtf: Definitely sell it on the bay!
    since it's your first LV I would keep it.
    such fond memories hehe

    here here!
    it would be a heaven sent.
    but then again there will be so many problems. just like how the vogue forum had to shut theirs down :tdown:
  8. Bonanzle is the best option out there right now! I have bought and sold, great experiences both times :smile:
  9. If you're considering selling it for that low, then why not sell it to a family member or friend? That way if you need it again, you can always borrow it from them.
  10. Yikes, this was tried before? I know on Reddit there was a file-sharing service that you had to be on their forums for 3 months and make some amount of posts to get into, which seemed to work well for keeping out the riffraff. But you're right, I guess people could take advantage - I know I would be less careful about authentication if I were buying from someone on the boards than a random person on the bay. Still, it would be so very nice :sad:
  11. eBay takes quite a big chunk of your final sale price now too though.

    I have problems with selling my things, even stuff I don't use very often anymore. I'm a hoarder! If it were my first LV I'd probably just keep it, to be honest. Particularly if I stood to lose so much money.
  12. I would sell it myself on ebay.

    I think you could sell it on ebay with a $550 Buy It Now Price with $20 shipping if it is in nice clean condition.

    After Paypal fees and ebay fees you will end up with $481 in your pocket. Yoogi's price is fair considering they need some money in their pocket too!
  13. If you sell it on Bonanzle they only take a $10 flat fee IF it sells, and you would only have to account for the paypal fees after that.

    I sold my damier NF PM and I have NO regrets!
  14. Wow, really?! :nuts: I'm so going Bonanzle, I think.
  15. That's really good to know :smile: