Should I sell my NF ikat Indian Rose

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  1. #1 Feb 23, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 23, 2014
    I have a ikat gm Indian Rose and I'm thinking of selling it because while the bag is beautiful and different from the mono and de I feel I can only use it during the spring summer because of the color (I live in the ne). Am I crazy? I would get a empirente speedy 30 in its place. Any thoughts?

    ETA: Reminder about selling/buying/trading is not permitted in the forums
  2. The empreinte speedy is a wonderful piece. If you think you will get more use from the empreinte I would totally do it.
  3. Do you have other Neverfulls? If you don't, I would keep it.

  4. I'm going to try and get a de nf pre-loved.
  5. as much as I love the speedy I think the ikat is one of those bag that are all year long used
  6. I would sell it and get a preloved DE neverfull, but im personally not a big fan of the ikat neverfull
  7. If I were you, I would keep the neverfull as it is limited edition. And save up for the empreinte piece. :smile:

  8. I live in NJ and I won't use a bag like that when its snowing maybe if I lived in Florida then yes I would use it all year long.
  9. My plan was to get a speedy empirete new and maybe a pre-loved nf de. I just got a métis hobo and a empirente wallet. I love the métis with suede lining but after getting the empirente I don't think I would ever buy another canvas bag again. I would just get the pre loved nf for travel.
  10. I would 100% do that! There's no comparison for me because you still have the neverfull tote style and the lovely emp speedy. Ikat neverfull is okay but limited to a certain taste. It might be limited edition, but I think it's more important to have classic pieces that you love... And I don't think you'd be considering selling it if you loved it

  11. Just saw other thread about de nf I'm just going to get the empirente speedy30 after seeing that. I can use the speedy for travel
  12. I know right! I wouldn't mind as much about the cracking if I got a cheap preloved one though. But I don't blame you, I think I'd steer clear. Maybe a preloved mono one for travel later on down the line ?
  13. I personally love the ikat and
    wouldn't sell it. but if she just stays in the closet Sell and get what you really want!
  14. If I can sell my ikat for a good price which I'm not sure is a good price I'm going to get the speedy just not sure what color either aurore or infini
  15. I have rose indian as well in the Gm. I wouldn't sell such a limited piece. I get compliments all the time on mine. You don't see as many around.