Should I sell my NEW Classic 2010 Speedy?

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  1. I have a classic Speedy from 2010 that is new and I have never used it. It has been stored in its dust bag since purchase and I have the original receipt. I am thinking of selling it because it is a waste just sitting in my closet. I seem to now prefer smaller cross body bags. Is this bag considered rare because they have made some changes to the newer Speedy bags? Does anyone know how much should I ask for on Ebay?
  2. If it's not working out then I say sell it because it's such a waste just having a bag sit around not being used and you can take that money and buy a bag you will love. I'm not sure what they go for on eBay but if it's never been used you can probably ask a couple under current retail.
  3. Do a search of completed listings to get an idea of what they're currently going for. You might want to wait to list it until after the next price increase (not sure when it will happen), as the speedy will probably end up being over $1K at that point. It'll enable you to sell it for a bit more, so you'll likely break even (or perhaps make a small profit).
  4. The Speedy isn't rare, but a 2010 model in new condition is. And, while I think some people would find it very desirable, they may be in the minority.

    I had a Speedy from 2012 in near-new condition that I sold for a tidy profit of about $3.53 cents, lol. I listed it close to retail, more than I thought it could sell for, because I wanted to break even more than I wanted to sell it. It was only listed for about a month or two before it sold.

    So, if you don't need the money or the space, it doesn't hurt to list it for more than you think it can sell for. You can always reduce the price later if you need/want to.
  5. Did u list it on eBay?
  6. It's not rare. The changes that were made would only be noticed by experienced buyers and even for us, it comes down to price. If it's too close to retail, it's not worth it. Is it MIF? That might get you a bit more. But the market is flooded with speedies. I believe back in 2010 the speedy was $690, about $750 with tax. You could list it for exactly what you paid as a buy it now 30 day auction, and if no one buys it within 15 days, add the best offer option.
  7. I would say sell it unless you think you will use it again. My neverful was in the closet for a few years but I fell in love with it again this year. I plan to use it more often. Just have to rotate my bags more.
  8. Whether or not a bad gets used is only one of my considerations for selling. May be the minority view, but I think owning a classic mono speedy could never be a bad thing. You may wish you had it 20 years from now. I feel bad about some things I dumped. I would want to know that I would absolutely never regret it when it comes to a classic item like that.
  9. No,
    Not yet, I will do some research to come up with a price.
  10. +1 Especially considering the price increases. :tup:
  11. Like someone else said, Speedies are very common on eBay, but not in brand new condition as well as the new model. They are very sought for, and I am certain it will go for close to current retail price.
  12. I have a new 2007 one. Mostly the same reasons as you. But I decided because of the nicer canvas to just keep it.
  13. Did you see my previous comment? Check the completed listings on ebay. Keep in mind that "new" from 2010, is different from new 2015 or 2016. So make sure you're looking at bags in the same condition and age as your bag. Current retail is $970, so I'd say list for $850 as the highest price (if you don't want to list for what you paid) and see what happens.
  14. U sound like me. I just fell back in love again with my NF recently and have started to use it again. I almost sold her- so glad I didn't.
  15. Selling with a receipt is a big plus and the fact that it's never used will get u good $ (imo) even though it's not a rare item. Like someone suggested, look on eBay and see what they are listed for and what they sold at before pricing it. Whenever I buy preloved I buy only with receipts, I never look at any other listing as I think having the receipt is a big deal imo. Good luck with ur decision.
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