should i sell my mousse or keep it?

  1. as alot of you know i have just bought a 05 tan paddy!
    im in love with it!
    so much so that i have gone off my mousse, i havent used it since i got the tan!
    i have a lot of history with my mousse as i bought it with a faulty padlock and a missing key, since then i managed to fix the padlock as a bit of the orginal key had broken off inside and had jamed it!
    anyway i fixed that and then managed to get a new key and extra padlock for it! so it was just like new and whats more only paid £199 for it in the first place!:tup:

    im a bit bored of it now, should i sell it and buy something new if so what!??
    i have my eye on a jeans moyen and red paddy on eBay, would these be a worthy replacement?:confused1:
  2. absolutely sell it! sounds like you are over it already and are eyeing more appealing handbags. you've had your fun with the mousse and are ready to move on...nothing wrong with that.
  3. ^^^thanks, its a great colour but ive fallen in love with 05 paddys and have always wanted a jeans moyen!!!
  4. I say sell it and buy something else. It's great you can use the $$ from the sale of the mousse to get something you have your eye on!
  5. ^ Agree!!
    Of course, there's nothing wrong with that: jean moyen or red (may I suggest grenat?:graucho:) are both lovely!
    And the mousse would find another lovin mum,I'm sure.
  6. I think you should sell it! If you don't it will probably sit unused, so why not sell it for something you will love....
  7. ^^^^thanks everyone!!!
    yes its a grenat ive got my eye on!!!!
    i think my mousse needs to go to a loving home where it will get used and loved!!
  8. desgnerqueen, I am going through th exact same dilemma just now.

    A couple of months ago it wouldn't even have occurred to me to sell my mousse paddy, but then I bought a metallic blue nuit (which I am totally in love with) and have realised that anything I would have worn with my mousse i will now carry my blue nuit with.

    This in itself wouldn't make me sell, but then I saw that Diabro had the nuage paddy back in stock, and that is the paddy I really want right now. So I ordered one (its on its way!!!) and to avoid a heavy guilt trip I think I ought to sell my mousse. It has become kind of redundant anyway, with my new blue paddy.

    I haven't definitely decided, but I am 70% there...
  9. i agree w/ all of them, sell it and buy something you like, paddies are definitely in high demand!
  10. I would sell and buy something new.
  11. If you not feeling it anymore then definately you should sell it and get a grenat paddy you want! you have used your mousse so maybe its time to move on!
  12. Agreed with others that you should sell! That mouse paddy can be someone else's treasure! :tup:
  13. I am totally in love with my mousse right now, but hey sell yours and give someone else a chance to fall in love!
  14. ok all here i go im selling it!!!
    ill show you all what i buy with the money!!!thanks everyone!!!
  15. P1010253.JPG


    ok for the last time here it is.....
    bye bye moussey