Should I sell my monogram cerise shoes?

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  1. [​IMG]

    I bought these shoes last year and I haven't ever worn them... Do you think I should sell them or keep 'em and wait for a special occasion to wear them?

    Actually... My problem is that I saw a picture with La Hilton wearing them and I don't want the whole cheap 'ho look...
  2. i think they're adorable i'd keep them as a summer the bow :love:
  3. OMG! I wanted those SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. They are but I keep wanting to match them with other cerise things and there aren't any to be found :cry: particularly the pochette. I so regret not taking it when I got the shoes but I was all "Ewwww, not doing the monogram LV crap".
  5. what size are they? ;)
  6. really? from what i heard the pochette and the sac plat can still be found, let your SA call some boutiques. it would be a pity to sell the shoes, they are so cute!!
  7. A 41 or 42 (off the top of my head, since they're at home and I'm at the office). 42 I think.

    And I think I'm going to nip out of the office and go to the LV store to see if they still have any pochettes or sac plat. I have a MAJOR craving for cherries. My wallet is screaming for help but no one can hear the poor thing.
  8. awww they're too big. I wear a 38.5-39
  9. i'm currently in the process of selling off my my cerises speedy and change purse if you're interested

    i wanted those shoes too (but i could never justify spending that amount on shoes).....i think if u like them u should keep them
  10. OMG jc2239 let me know when the coin purse comes on the market, I'd love to have that!
  11. EEEEEEEEEeeeeee. they are gorgeous! Ooooo, and I'm a 41/42. I think you should keep them, but if you want to get rid of them let me know!
  12. You should keep them, it's highly unlikely that you will get retail for them since the shoes always seem to sell for a loss.

    Hopefully you can pick up something matching ! ;)
  13. Since they are way way to big for me I say keep 'em... :amuse: They're beautiful shoes... don't let the Hiltons ruin them for you.
  14. I just went to the LV flagship in Paris and they don't have anything Cerise left at all, everything sold during the sales (although there aren't any sales at the LV)
  15. call the LV store at saks in downtown portland. they had it last week and they probably still have it. Go to saks webpage and you can get the number from store locaters and it is the downtown one. Oh I see you are in Paris. I will call for you and let you know. If they have it do you want me to have them hold it for you and you can fax them the charge info.