Should I sell my Marshmallow Vernis Houston?

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  1. Its a beautiful discontinued bag. What should I do? Sell or keep? I've worn it once around the house then stored it back on its sleeper in box. Would it be worth it to sell since it usually stays home?
  2. Keep it unless you need the cash. Selling bags often leads to regret.
  3. i'm going through the same dilema with a lilac nocturne. But that just means that you have to take the houston out and show it a good time. That color is so pretty, esp for summer. Keep it unless you're short on cash.
  4. hey ya
    if you've fallen out of love with your houston - then i think it might be a good idea to sell it and get something you'll love and you'll use daily... i totally agree its a beautiful colour esp. for summer! before you decide what to do... y dont you take it out for the rest of the week and see how you feel about carrying it... and by the weekend or even Monday or Tuesday you can REALLY decide what to do... BUT if between now and then you find yourself change ur bag then maybe it is time to part with it..... good luck!!! :amuse:
  5. I usually sell any bag that I don't wear more than once a month. There's just no use for it to be rotting away in a closet when 1) You could use that cash to pay for something more practical and 2) It could go to a loving home and make someone's dream come true!
  6. I'm changing the title of your thread, since it sounds like a for sale post, and we don't allow transactions here. Hope you understand! :smile:

    Also, I think that if you haven't used it in a while, that you should consider selling it. If it's just sitting in your closet, it might be better to put the money toward a bag you'll love and use often :biggrin:
  7. I often feel sad about selling my LVs.
    It passes when the money goes towards something that I get more use out of.

    The Houston has a good resale value too so you'll recover a good amount back I think.
  8. Sell if you don't use it!:yes:
  9. If you need the $ and you aren't using it, sell it. You can use the $ on something you will actually use unless you're a collector like me. ;)
  10. You should sell it if you don't carry it. I heard for for vernis line for light color like yours, it can get discoloration while it's sleeping in the sleeper. sell before it happens
  11. If you don't use it I'd sell it- no need to keep your bag money locked up in something you don't get use out of! oooh, you should get a noisette!
  12. I have the same bag and I have never carried it either. what gives with these bags? or it just us? I also have thought about selling it and then had regrets b/c I do like it.

    storage: wrap the handles with tissue paper and store them away from the bag.
  13. sell it if your not using it or dont really want to carry it anymore. But if you are having second thoughts or soubts, then keep it! :smile:
  14. :yes: Ebay it at a high price, if you sell it for decent money, great! If nobody bites, hang on a little longer. I am thinking of LV-cycling as well, it's hard, but we can only carry three bags at one time:biggrin: (maybe four)