Should I sell my Marc Jacobs Stam Quilted Hobo?

  1. This bag is kind of heavy and I just used it for serval times...need you to determind for me...sell it or not? :confused1:
  2. Uh, yes, to me! LOL.

    JK. I'd sell it if you're not wishing to have a full collection of Stams, like I am. If you're not in love with the Stam and MJ you know?

    What colour?
  3. I think if it's not you and you're never going to use it, then definitely sell it and let it go to another bag lover.

    Although I completely sympathize with your situation.... Don't you hate it when you get a bag, an It-Bag, and you feel guilty giving it away cause everyone loves it but you? Or the same thing when you get such a great deal and even though the bag isn't you, you feel like you should still hold on to it just cause it was such a great price?

    This explains so much about why I hold on to so many bags even though I haven't thought about them in years....Le Sigh.
  4. Is is a black!
  5. If you are not going to use it, sell it, especially while the style is still popular.
  6. a couple of my friends felt the mj stam's were heavy as well and although they love it and carried it a lot at first, now they feel it's too heavy to be carrying all the time. so if you feel you won't be carrying it, i say sell it and you can buy something else you'll love and carry often.
  7. I was thinking the same thing as DesignerElla...

    SELL IT TO ME! haahha

    I also agree with what else was said. if your not going to use it, sell it and get something that you really love!
  8. as you all know, we don't allow ANY buying or selling here and we remove member that do so.
    Moving to the MJ forum for you . . .