should i sell my mandarin epi salabha

  1. i bought it 5 months ago but rarely wear it. it's hard to match anything. may i have honest opinion on Salabha. does any body has it?:confused1:
  2. yes sell it, you will probably get what you paid for it because Mandarin is now discontinued. :smile:
  3. If i had it i wouldn't sell it, i love mandarin! you could get a good price for it tho :graucho:
  4. Tough one. I'd say sell it. If you can't find anything to coordinate with it now, will you ever?
  5. If you don't love it, then sell it. I agree it's probably hard to coordinate with, but it's such a stunning bag.
  6. If you truly don't love it, then sell it.
    But the mandarin is such a terrific color!
  7. I personally not too keen small bag but your mandarin color is fab :smile: just sell it then find another mandarin piece on eBay if it's already imposibble to locate from LV store
  8. i wouldn't, ubut then again, i think its a cool discontinued piece!
  9. I would keep it. A mandarin matsy was my birthday present this year and I have had the best time finding outfits to wear with it. I think the orange is like sherbet color and great with light denim, browns, white and army green. The bright color blends when worn with light colors and pops with dark colors.
  10. if u dont want it, sell it!
  11. Its a gorgeous color.. i wouldnt sell it if i were you
  12. I would not sell it.
  13. I love the Mandarin color, but it really is a personal preference. If you are having trouble matching the color and find that you do not use it, I would sell it. Since the color is no longer available you should get a good price for it.
  14. i am considering selling one of my bags as well but i will not post the name or anything because the last time i did someone mistook it for solicitation even though i was just asking opinions. i am afraid of eBay because i see and hear too many horror stories.
  15. Hmm, for me, it depends on the current market price. If I'll lose too much money, I'll probably not sell it. Unless if I can get near to the price I paid for, and pretty sure that it's really not my style and I won't miss it after it's gone. :p