Should I sell my macha?

  1. Should I sell my macha for a birkin?
  2. It's up to you. If you're done with it and aren't really using it in your rotation, go for it. Do you know what kind of Birkin you want? That seems like the hardest decision in Purse History.
  3. If you are ready for a change, then go for it.
  4. Is there a Birkin waiting for you right now? If so, sell it to fund it. If not, just hold on to it for a little longer
  5. Yes, & sell it to me. lol
  6. LoL, I was just thinking that!!!! :nuts:
  7. i personally would, i am in awe of the birkins. its such a classic item that every one should have in their purse collection. personally, i would but its up to you!
  8. Yes! I think you should!!! Kathy will look FABULOUS with one!!!;):lol:
    But seriously, if you are not going to use it then sell it!:yes:
  9. Well, if you find no need for it anymore... then sell it
  10. Thanks Irene. I really want one.
  11. if you dont use it. sell it. its worth owning a birkin!!!
  12. sell it if you are not going to use it:graucho: .... a birkin is all worth it..IMO:yes: :P
  13. If your not really using it, then it would probably better if you sell it.
    Are you waiting on the birkin?
  14. NO! thats all
  15. hehehee.. I love this response! :roflmfao: