Should I sell my LV favorite pm?

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  1. Soo guys, I would like to know your opinion on this. So a little while ago I bought the favorite pm in damier ebene. I purchased a few bags at a time and just got around to using the favorite. I've used it twice and was super carful with it, but noticed that there are a few scratches on the plate on the front already! When I bought it there was a very light scratch, but it didn't bother me much. I didn't realize that it would scratch ever time I used it! Now I'm scared to even use it. So my question is, do you think I should keep it and get over the scratches or should I just sell it and put it towards a bag that doesn't have a plate on it? Also I don't know how well it would sell for me, because I have never sold anything on eBay before.
  2. I have the Favorite PM in Mono, and really haven't noticed scratching the little plate too much. But really, if it gets so bad after awhile then you can take it to LV for them to replace it, as it's easy to do and probably doesn't cost that much at all. Don't sweat it and enjoy the bag. It's a great bag!
  3. I think I read here somewhere that they can replace your plate for free at the store. If you like the bag enough that you don't mind going to have the plate changed every once in awhile, then it might be worth keeping since it's a great bag. Otherwise, sell and put the funds toward something you'll use more often without worry :smile: You could consign on Yoogi's, Fashionphile, etc. too.

  4. Thanks for your reply. :smile: I will definitely go to the LV store and see if they will replace the plate for free.

  5. Thank you. :smile:
  6. +1
  7. Wow! Good to know that you can have the plate replaced for free. I scratched mine real deeply the first week I had it while playing on the swing with my daughter. It doesn't bother me too much though. I hope you keep your favorite. It's such a versatile and functional piece especially in DE. Even if they don't replace the plate for free, I still think it's worth keeping. No purse will stay perfect forever. Enjoy it for what it is!
  8. It may vary by store but unless there is a defect to the plate i don't know that they'll replace it for free as the scratches are considered part of normal use.
  9. ^makes sense. I would still want to get my plate replaced every few years. Hope it doesn't cost too much to replace.
  10. I wouldn't worry about it....just enjoy your bag.:smile:
  11. i say keep it..scratches on the plate are just natural part of wear and tear
  12. +1 Agree
  13. I have a 5 year old used and abused Trevi with a tarnished zipper pull. I took a shot and asked my SA while I was at the store how much it would cost to get it replaced. She looked at the computer and said it was free :shrugs: but perhaps it does depend on the store/SA you speak to. Although my SA is pretty "straight edge" (she never diverts from policy). Worth a shot to ask, though!
  14. The plate on my mono favorite mm has lots of scratches now. I know if I got the plate replaced, I'd only ruin it again!
  15. Use iphone screen protector to protect the plate.
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