Should I sell my large signature stripe tote for a legacy slim tote?

  1. So I've had this large signature stripe tote for a while now... I kinda dont want it anymore :sad: its soo hard to clean to me!! i mean i have the signature cleaner, and it barely does anything!

    When I did use it, I would have to rub it with a damp cloth with light laundry detergent and scrub til it came off, only to have it get dirty later on in the day.:cursing:

    Also, since i got my chevron hobo, I havent used it at all!!!

    Help!!! I also have always wanted a slim tote! ever since it came out but i could never afford it :sad: so hopefully if i sell this i can afford one... ugh i m so confused!!!

    I need a big bag, this one is great, aww man decisions decisions!!

    Thanks for letting me vent guys!!
  2. Sounds like you know what you want. Maybe think about it for a few more days. The legacy slims are lovely bags.
  3. Ilove the slim tote. but do you think that it will be wide enough?
  4. i know :drool::nuts: sometimes typing it up helps u see clearer... only thing i cannot afford a slim tote :sad:
  5. yeah i tried putting my laptop in there.. it fits
  6. If you are not using it I say sell it
  7. Kat, I say sell it, especially since you're not using it. I just got the slim flap (see June purchases) on eBay and if you are patient I think you could snag one for less than $200. Mine just came today and the size is about half an Ali in depth which to me is still very spacious. The width is the same as the Ali. I definitely recommend it.
  8. lol i know!!! i posted the link to that slim flap by the way :p

    I had one before and sold it... its too thin for me.. i want the slim tote!!! i need a big bag!!
  9. Katrynar, go for it! We ladies like our laptops in coach style, plus the bag is awesome:biggrin:
  10. I have this bag and really love it! The leather is certainly more durable and I believe it will be a classic for years to come..

    I love the legacy stripe items, too, but if you can't have both, go for the slim tote....did you get a PCE? that would save a lot of money on the bag!:graucho:
  11. Also... I would definitely check it out b/c if I remember correctly, the new version coming out in the fall is way more expensive than the current slim can check out the thread to be sure...

    Good luck!
  12. Is it possible for you to get the slim tote during the PCE now and then sell your sig stripe tote later?
    That way you'd save more money.
    My vote goes for selling it.
  13. I vote for the slim tote! go for it girl! the sig totes are almost always around but the slim totes are so unique and I am sure they won't be around like the sig totes.

    let us know what you decide and of course, PICS please! :smile:
  14. Does the slim tote fit on the shoulder? That would be my only concern with it. If you're going to be carrying a lot of weight in it you might want that ability. I imagine carrying a heavy load in your hand all the time would get tiring.

    I am always a fan of getting Coach leather over Coach signature if possible. Almost every bag I have is leather and it is so easy to clean, and looks gorgeous. Although, I have yet to have to actually clean any of my bags. So they're awesome.
  15. Actually it does fit on my shoulder and it is better than the large sig stripe tote.... which has thin straps.... man if i had the money (or if coach hired me!)