Should I sell my Koobas on Ebay?

  1. I have two brand new Kooba bags that I would like to offer on eBay, however, I paid full retail price for them so I don't know if it is even worth trying to sell them. I don't need to sell them but there's just no point in having them if I'm never going to use them. One of the bags is a metallic silver and I swear I don't know what I was thinking when I bought that one. I'm just a big impulse buyer.

    I've only sold one Kooba (Brand New Black Ginger) on eBay recently but I didn't pay full retail for that one. To those of you who buy and sell Kooba on question is: Have you ever seen any Kooba bags selling for close to retail?
  2. I think it depends on what you have to sell, how unique is the bag and how many others are there available on ebay? If you have a brand new Kooba style that's not been out very long, you may get close to retail for it, but then again, who knows?

    I'd go through the ebay Kooba list and see what's there and check prices. Good luck!
  3. Good luck on Ebay these is a total pit. Buyers are (for lack of a better term) really nuts. They want your bag, brand spaking new and for 25 percent or less of the retail price. I'm all about the taking the break at this point. If you do decide good luck to you, there are still some diamonds out there that will love your old bag.
  4. A friend of mine actually just bought a kooba a few weeks ago on ebay and she paid about 10 bucks less than the original price. She was estatic b/c it was one that she had been looking for and couldn't find. I think this bag was even slightly used and she didn't care she just wanted that one. You could always try and put a reserve price so if you don't get what you want for it, you don't have to go through with the sale.
  5. I agree with what others have said. The only way you will get close to retail is if it is a very popular, newer, elusive bag. Another factor I believe in getting a better price for it is if you are a "known" authentic seller. Some of the ladies here that sell regularly seem to get better prices and get a lot of buy it nows because bidders know the bags are authentic and they have a good seller reputation. Good luck if you decide to go that route.
  6. I just went through the Ebay Kooba list and there are no bags like mine listed at the moment. Does anyone have any idea what these two styles usually go for on Ebay? They are a Brand New Kooba Lucy in Silver and a Brand New Kooba Brynne in Black.
  7. Brynne in Black:love: Love this bag, it should do well. But most people are on ebay looking for a good deal on the bags. I wouldn't think it would go over 400.00. Which I would think is a very good price. Of course you paid retail but I just don't think you can get retail price for the bags under any condition. But that is just my opinion. so if you are never going to carry them, I would sell them and use the money to purchase a new bag I would carry. Otherwise they are just sitting in your closet doing nothing. But if you feel very strongly that you can't part with them for less than retail it would probably be better not to list them.
  8. Those are two very desirable bags. I'm sure they will do well on eBay. You could always give it a try and set a reserve, but if they don't make reserve you will have to eat the eBay listing fees. Give it a try.
  9. What if I offer them at a fixed price with the "Make Offer" option? Would that be better than listing with a reserve?
  10. You can do a Buy it now for a fixed price. That is probably your best option. If you do a buy it now with the bidding option someone one can place a first bid, resulting in the buy it now option disappearing.(unless you have a reserve) One thing I have noticed when people have a pretty high buy it now price, withy the bidding option, AND with a reserve most bidders just assume the reserve is high and sometimes you people lose interest. If you have a "make an offer" you are still able to negoiate if you like. I'm sure they will sell. Both are beautiful bags in desirable colors. Good luck!

  11. Be prepared to receive all manner of ridiculous offers with the "Make an Offer" option. I've had individuals offer me 50 (or less!) on a NWT bag. You can however, set the Make an Offer to reject any bids under a certain amount so as to avoid these knuckleheads.

    Good luck! You've got a couple of very desirable bags that should do well. :tup:
  12. Setting a reserve often results in no sale. It is scary, but I would sell it with a starting price of $1.00 with a "Buy It Now" option. The Lucy is sold out everywhere so it should be in demand. It was last selling for around $200 at Nieman Marcus, but I bet it will sell for higher than that since it is sold out, as long as it is in good condition.
  13. I know we ALL know by now Im possessed, and almost broke because of Koobas :rolleyes: Personally if I can get a bargain from ANYONE, I will and I will work hard at an offer. I love the idea you can offer, it makes it less formal, however, if you don't like to bargain, don't do it. Because I believe it that people will try and offer $25 on a $600 bag. I offered twice to the same seller, she was wonderful, I got my first Sienna through her. Its stunning, and she was very nice. I feel fortunate. I've paid close to retail if I want something...but I also feel the beauty of ebay is that we feel we are getting some kind of a small perk. There are some sellers here on the Purse Forum that I will repeat buy from over and over again not because they are cheap, because they are reliable and sell authentic bags. You have a BLACK BRYNNE????????????????????? OMG.......faints.....:upsidedown:
  14. Yes, believe people when they say you will get ridiculous offers on the "Make Offer" type auction. I have had several end with no sale. Not worth my time or money in my opinion. That is what a regular auction is supposed to be - enter your best offer and whoever's is highest wins. I would not bother with "Best Offer."
  15. At this time of year it's certainly possible that you will sell your bags for near retail because there are people out there looking for Christmas gifts, who no longer have the luxury of time on their side. Also, these two bags are no longer sold in stores, so they are hard to find, which makes them very attractive.

    I see you have represented your bags beautifully with fabulous pictures on eBay, so I wouldn't be surprised if they sell. They are obviously authentic and would make wonderful Christmas presents for any Kooba addict. I certainly wouldn't mind having them under my tree on Christmas Day!

    Good luck with your auctions. I hope both bags go to good homes.