Should I sell my Jumbo??


Feb 7, 2007
This problem might seem silly.

I am by nowhere rich and I was so happy when I got my jumbo. I loved it but I have only carried it for a handful of times. It was when I were in N.Y.

I feel like its wrong to carry it around where I live since its like a show off or something..I am living in a wealthy area now but I will soon be moving to a working class area. A working class area that are close to other working areas and even a "ghetto" area.

Me and hubby found a nice house, well at least on the inside and decided to move since we have to anyway. Hubby and I are raised the same way but we have different friends.

His friends are definitely ghetto and I say this without trying to be mean. It's food stamps, wealth fare and other things I could never imagine. However, I do like most of his friends since they are very nice, and some of them are now mine too.

With this in mind, I am feeling more than awkward carrying a 3k bag around these people that can barely afford to pay rent. I am not trying to judge anyone, because I love people. But we would not be friends during other circumstances.

I also dont want to be seen as a show off.

I feel like I need to dress up to carry my jumbo. Which I dont do often either. So I dont know if I should let her go.

I love her, but she it honestly just sitting in her dustbag.

What should I do?



Dec 14, 2009
if you dont carry her often... and you feel uncomfortable carrying it around the people you are now surrounded with... i would sell it. it is such a waste if it will just sit inside your closet. when time comes and you are in a different surroundings... you can purchase one again. GL


handbag addict
Jan 10, 2010
Okay, first and foremost, you shouldn't feel bag about wearing your bag just because others around you are unable to. I'm by no where near rich, and I have friends who are barely paying rent, with kids...but it's not about them, it's about you. And if they are your friend, they won't be hating on you just because you have a Chanel.

If you're thinking about selling it because of your friends' financial situations, don't because it's not about them. Their situation shouldn't affect your behavior, nor should it make you feel bad about anything you own.

If you want to sell it because you're not using it, friend's financial situation or not, then sell it, but ONLY because you're not using it anymore.

It's not showing off because you're not being snooty about it and rubbing it in their faces. Know what I mean? And you don't need to dress up to wear's a good roomy everyday bag.


Gobby See, Gobby Do!
Jun 3, 2008
On Gobby's Paw
If you really don't feel comfortable using it than you should sell it. But, I encourage you to keep it and not other people situation effect what decide to wear.


Apr 6, 2007
Keep it. No one needs to know that it was expensive. It is a classic bag that will always be in style. Take it out and carry it every day and never discuss how much it cost. Wear it with jeans!
May 14, 2009
East Coast
I would keep it for special occasions and when you go to dinner. A Chanel is classic and you don't have to use it all the time. If you go to a wedding or event it will be perfect.


Feb 7, 2007
Thank you guys! I am gonna keep her. Now I feel better. Thanks a lot, and thanks for not juding!


Jul 23, 2008
Do what your heart wants you to do, not your'll probably miss it once it's gone especially if it's your only Chanel.KWIM???


Nov 26, 2008
Even some of my rich friends do not necessarily have a weakness for expensive handbags. I sometimes feel stupid and conscious using Chanel amongst them, I feel I shoud be wiser with my money. Anyway, I have no plan to sell any of my bags. I will use the more discreet designs or other brands on days I feel conscious.
If you still love the Jumbo, keep it. I'm sure there will be occasions you can use it.


Apr 15, 2008
I'm glad you decided to keep it, but I understand where you're coming from. I don't wear my Chanel bags when I'm working with underprivileged children or families either. Perhaps you might wish to consider wearing your Jumbo with the CC turnlock facing the back, and the back pocket facing the front; that's what I do when I don't want to draw any attention to my Chanel flaps.

Or you could sell the Jumbo to fund a reissue, which is much more discreet. It's usually the bag I choose when I feel like carrying a Chanel but want to be more sensitive to those around me who may have financial difficulties.