Should I sell my hardly ever used Dior Boston bag and LV Josepine?

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  1. Quick question ladies - I am selling a bunch of old bags to make some money and room for new ones. I am torn about the Dior Boston and the LV Josephine and the Gucci Jackie O. I have the Boston in blue and the Josephine in pink and I have hardly ever used them...I cannot decide what to do! I am not into logo bags at all anymore but maybe they will be classics?
  2. Aww.. that's really sad if you sell the Josephine ! I really like the shape of it, and how it's mini monogram, somewhat less in your face than the normal one.

    I don't think I can really make the call for you since they're your babies, but if you do sell them, let us know what new bags you're going to get with the money !!
  3. I don't think so. If you need the money for serious expenses, then you have no choice. But if you are just going to use the money to buy other bags, that makes me sad.

    Those are classic bags that will last throughout the years. And it would be a great thing to pass along to a daughter.
  4. I say get rid of the Boston in blue.....I never liked how it fell against the body.... kind of awkward and bulbous.....bulky bag. Yes it looks classic , but against by body while holding it in my hand it stuck out in a funny way that was not very appealing.:sad:
  5. Photos?
  6. I agree keep the LV
  7. Uh Oh.....I thought you meant the GUCCI BOSTON BAG!!!! SOrry, please post photo's.
  8. I say sell the Dior Boston bag. Keep the LVs...
  9. Sell the bags you don't wear. I do like the Gucci though.
  10. I think I will keep the LV. I am going to see what the offer is for the Boston bag. Thank you for the advice!
  11. May I ask how you are planning to sell? I have a $1200 Dior "street chic" which is apparently not so chic anymore - I have had trouble selling it and it is in beautiful shape with dust bag and authenticity card.
  12. i'd keep the gucci bag, i think it's a classic.