Should I sell my gold silverado?

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  1. Bought a gold silverado last year from NAP and when I first got it I carried it a few times, but it's been sat in the back of my wardrobe since. I'm having a clear out at the mo as I've got too much stuff and I'm umming and ahhing about the silverado. What do you think? Keep or get rid? My style has changed in the last year and it just looks too glam for me now. I'm thinking I could use the money for something more practical.
  2. i always say - go with your feelings ! if your silverado has been living in the closet for such a long time now maybe it deserves a new home where it will be more loved and u deserve a new bag that u will be head over heels in love with and will carry it around everywhere ! :s :yes:
  3. I would hang onto it.... they're being discontinued... but if u do decide to sell, u can probably get a great price since I haven't seen a gold silverado EVER on eBay. it must be a hard to find bag!
  4. Oooo, a gold silverado?? I'd love to see a photo if you've got it python?
  5. I'd keep it, too, personally. :yes:

    But, if you're sure you won't regret selling it, then perhaps you should?
  6. Curls

    I had the same situation with my silver one. I ended up selling her last year as I didn't wear it at all.

    D&G is right though the gold is a rarer one so you may want to see how you feel about keeping it.

    There are so many great bags out there so if there is something else you have your eye on that you would get more wear out of then sell it and move on. Just take your time to think though!

    Let us know what you decide

  7. Emma

    Congrats on exceeding your 5k threads by the way
  8. ^ Oh good grief, have I?!! :rolleyes: :shame: :lol:

    Thank you, Sam! :flowers:

  9. He he B I know what YOUR thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!:jammin:
  10. No matter how much a bag is worth it isn't worth anything if you don't use it! Ask yourself if you would spend thousands of dollars on wall-art shaped like a purse? Cus if you don't use your purses that's essentially what you have!

    I used to have the "should I sell it" question for my unused bags. I always made excuses like, "it's a rare color, it's so hard to find, etc" to keep it. But at the end of the day it comes down to how much is it worth if its not carried. To me a bag's function is to be carried so therefore an uncarried bag is worth zilch!
  11. ITA lordguinny. Its amazing how our tastes change so quickly, and a bag that we may have been in love with a year ago, now does not get used. There are two many other great bags out there, to keep a bag in a closet, wondering whether it will or will not become a bag that will make money in future. Sell it on and get another great bag that you WILL use :yes:
  12. ITA with this. However, the problem w/ having a lot of bags, shoes, wardrobe is that we use only what's exposed... if the bag was tucked away in your closet, of course you wouldn't have thought about it.... out of sight, out of mind!

    Maybe to make sure u really don't use it, leave it out in the open w/ your frequently used bags. You might surprise yourself :smile:
  13. ITA:yes:

    Just go with your gut feeling, no reason to hang onto it if you're not using it ;)
  14. Yeah I got it out a few weeks ago and I've had a bit of a trying on session with it and I just can't see me using it anymore. But it's gorgeous. Argh! No I think it has to go.
  15. ^^^ that's a definite sign that u should sell it. The best part is figuring what your next bag is going to be!!!