Should i sell my denim pleaty?


Nov 25, 2005
Hi ladies,

Should i sell my denim pleaty? I bought it last year and i only used it once! I have the denim speedy and i used that a lot, but not the pleaty at all.

Secondly, what price is a good realistic price to sell it for? Is $980 a good price? The denim pleaty is now selling for $1100 + tax on elux. :huh:
As you can see from the pictures, the pleaty is in MINT condition. Would $980 be a good price? or is that too much?


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It's a beautiful bag but the MPRS tend to get more money for their items. Do you have really high feedback and a history of selling a lot of LV? Sorry I don't know you. But it you do you should be able to get $900. I'd ask for $950 or best offer and see what happens.Anyway best of luck! V
unfortunately, i dont have a lot of feedback. and i never sold LV bags... so i am afraid that people might not believe its real LV. I scan through all the LV denim pleaty on ebay and almost all are fakes.. :sad: