Should I sell my chevron double stitch shoulder bag for a mini?

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    Hello! I got this chevron double stitch shoulder bag in Paris in August 2015. I love the way it looks and love that it holds more than it looks (like an iPad!) I also love that I can wear it dressy or casually with jeans.

    Now I'm wondering if I should sell this for a square mini because the square mini is more classy and might hold value better??

    What I currently own in addition:

    M/L classic flap in black caviar with SHW
    Square mini in black lambskin chevron with SHW

    As you can see, I have 3 black pieces now and am wondering if I should sell the chevron shoulder bag for a colorful square mini. What do you think??
  2. Hi there...I would stick to what makes your heart flutter. If you love your current shoulder bag, keep it. If you find you don't love it as much anymore and really want a mini, then go for the mini. I wouldn't necessarily sell or buy something because it holds its really has to be something you love. Also, there's something to be said about Chanel in black. It really is perfection. Are you looking for something colorful because you feel like you Chanel are all black? Good luck deciding!
  3. Well there are not any colorful square mini's out right now anyway as the S/S collection is winding down and we are now into Pre-Fall. Why don't you hold on to your bag since you love it and save for a mini and see if the next cruise or S/S collections brings a color you love.
  4. I agree. OP, it sounds like you're already thinking of the resale value of the mini instead of how much you'd enjoy using it. It sounds like you really enjoy using the shoulder bag. I think you'll regret letting it go. I'd hang on to that and start saving for the mini.
  5. I would sell it for mini. I love classic mini bags more than other Chanel bags. It just fits my casual life style. I have 2 black Chanels and recently just added a blue square mini in my collection. Love Love Love! I am thinking to sell other bags to fund for another mini.. 😅

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