Should I sell my Chanel J12 & Rolex Sub for another Daytona


Should I sell Rolex Sub & Chanel J12 & buy a SS Rolex Daytona

  1. Keep Rolex Sub & Chanel J12 & forget about SS Daytona

  2. Sell Rolex Sub & Chanel J12 & purchase SS Daytona

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  1. I got my first Rolex Daytona TT with white dial a couple of months ago & haven't taken it off even though I have a few other watches that I love.....I have had my name on a waiting list for a SS Daytona for nearly 2 years & my local AD has told me that my name is nearly at the top of the list :yahoo::yahoo: but sadly because my DH purchased the TT Daytona for me I don't have the funds to pay for it so should I sell my Rolex Sub TT with blue dial & my Chanel J12 38 with diamond markers or would I end up regretting parting with them both even though I think the Daytona is my HG of watches
  2. Hm, I think it depends on how much you love your Rolex and your Chanel.

    What would make you happier? Keeping the two watches or sell them in order to get your dream watch?
  3. I say sell if you see yourself not missing the J12 and Rolex Sub.
  4. Sell your J12, keep your Sub and buy a Deytona or sometimes a Datejust!
  5. Since you already have a Daytona, do you really want the same watch? Even though its all ss.

    I'd keep the ones you have unless you never wear them. I prefer a variety of watches.
  6. Thanks but I already have a SS Datejust ;)
  7. Get the Daytona.
  8. Daytona
  9. If you're already fine with not wearing the other watches, then you are probably fine parting with them. As much as I love Chanel, I can't help but feel that the J12s are a bit too trendy, so I'd sell and go with the ever-classic Daytona.
  10. I agree that Chanel is more trendy. Rolex is a classic. I'm debating something similar myself. I have a YG Daytona and love it. I'm dying for a TT Daytona with Tahitian MOP and either Roman or diamond markers. My Rolex AD is trying to steer me towards a less expensive Rolex (can you believe it?? Love this guy!) but I can't get the Daytona out of my mind. I think if it's your HG watch, you'll regret letting it go, especially after having waited so long already! You should follow your heart, especially because you never wear the other two anyway!
  11. TT is two tone? I didn't know they made a two tone Daytona?
  12. Yes, two tone. Their TT Daytonas are gorgeous!
  13. I already have a TT Daytona which my sweet DH bought me a couple of months ago & its my favourite watch but the SS Daytona has always been my HG even though its cheaper than the TT.....I think its because here in the UK its one of the most wanted watches & waiting lists in every AD so I'm lucky I only had to wait a couple of years because I was originally quoted 5 years.

    Here is a pic of the brand new watch DH bought me ;)

  14. I totally agree about Chanel being trendy & this is what's stopped me from buying one years ago.....I bought it 3 years ago & have loved this watch but now I feel there's so many copies so maybe its time to let it go.

    Hope I don't regret it though because it is a pretty watch with the diamond marker......Here is a pic of mine :graucho:

  15. It's a beautiful watch, but like you said, there's so many copies now. You can always get a Toywatch or something if you really miss it! :graucho: